Motive: 30 Day Home Workout Plan & Calendar w/ 20+ FREE Exercise Programs for Women & Men at Home



  1. For 165cm guy, weighing 68kg can be quite overweight and might appear stout. I got huge tummy then I decided to take workouts and did weight training with Scott Herman and Anabolic Aliens. I thought my hypertrophy and strength were at their peak doing their workouts. But I was wrong! When I lost motivation because of the routinary workouts, I sought for some variety, put my dumbells down and tried body weight. I found your workouts and I swear to God, I REALIZED THAT AFTER YEARS OF HEAVY WEIGHT TRAINING, I still struggle with your workouts!!! Yours look easy but damn, I sweat a lot and literally cry! My hypertropthy and strength can be improved further. You inspired me to focus on body weights first. And just wanna thank you guys for the passion and by sharing workouts like this to everybody. Cheers!

  2. I just started this about 2 weeks ago and i Love it!!!!! You guys ROCK!!!! Keep up the excellent workouts they abosoulty work!!!

  3. You two got a couple lol's out of me on this vid! 🙂 Keep being beautiful shining beacons of motivation and inspiration!

  4. This is awesome! Will start it after I complete the 30 day Muscle Building program. You guys are the best personal trainers EVER!!

  5. never been so inspired to be fit .💪.u guys r d best!..started with my motive home work out..just 3 days in and I am super excited for the coming days!!
    thank you!

  6. ihave been doing has fit for close to 2 yrs… change of eating… doing low carbs… and excercising … lost ovee 120 lbs thank you…

  7. awesome love the integration into the hasfit app. Really excited summer is coming up so gotta work on my abs. 😀

  8. awesome guys .. m and my sister follow your workouts religiously … these workouts are amazing.. love u guys … thanks a ton ❤️❤️

  9. I'm like yes yes yes oh….. yes in front of my laptop screen 😀 …Thank you so much 😀 This is exactly what i desperately need 😀

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