Miguel Shows His Home Gym & Keto Fridge | Gym & Fridge Tour | Men's Health



  1. I love this gym and fridge series! Will love to see this with female celebs too!!

  2. I want to get to that place where I’m taking care of myself living my life and enjoying the company of a good person living their life with me

  3. Tbh, I think he is cute and all, but every time I think about his legs I cringe lol…I hope he keeps up the hard work and build them up even more

  4. You don't need 99 percent of that equipment. Run 3 miles per day outside, do 400 situps and 100 pushups inside, then use a few barbells.

  5. you can't eat an avocado and drink a "keto" shake 5 days a week then have pizza, burgers, and cheat on your diet on the weekends. The whole keto diet is such a joke, so many people claim to do it and literally just add an avocado and butter coffee to their diet. Americans are so ignorant when it comes to nutrition. He probably paid someone for a diet plan too.

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