Microsoft Visio – Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview]*



  1. Simple guide, with basic and easy steps. The narrator voice is a little wonky, but clear and precise. Good video for a beginner like me. Not to much extra nonsense.

  2. Hey Guys i created the Custom stencils in visio via pencils and arc tool, while i am reduce the shape size the stroke is increasing, is there any option to scale the stroke as well as please let me know, or please suggest me the how to create the custom big stencils for different sizes

  3. This video was helpful, but unfortunately not what I was looking for. What if I'm using Citrix and I want to download custom stencils from websites? What path do I put it in on the Citrix receiver?

  4. When I use the straight lines, and make an shape, the lines are stuck to each other so when I want to remove or edit one line I placed it edits the hole shape I created… Do you know how I can ungroup them? I have already checked the group settings but there it wasn't a group so I could'nt ungroup it…

  5. Tell me why these pieces of shit little flow charts could not be drawn just as easily with Power Point?

  6. Awesome! Nice and straightforward tutorial to quickly get started with Visio. My only criticism is that I had to watch the video at 2x speed just to make it sound like normal, lol.

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