Meditation For Inner Peace – Yoga With Adriene



  1. I don’t know why I feel so good after doing this! I wasn’t expecting this! I was depressed the whole day until now 😭 thanks Adriane 🙏

  2. Thanks for this, Adriene. Before I tried this meditation I'd been having a rough day full of spiraling dark thoughts. I've been trying meditation for a while now using another app, but while doing this exercise with you, it was the first time I truly felt like I was in control of my thoughts and I was occupying the space in my mind. It's like it finally clicked for me what meditation can be and can do for me. Thank you! You've impacted my life more than you can know!

  3. Hi Adrienne! i found your meditation videos when i was pretty on the tight corner! i am doing better rightnow thanks to you ! Thanks for your open and lovely heart. Also, am looking forward to your longer meditation videos as well . All good hearty wishes for you

  4. I love you with all my heart thank you so much love you too my buddy Benji give you both a❤❤ love always

  5. Life is meditation viceversa. Do Per day one hour 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️, you will happiest person on the planet..

  6. ——— 💕Thank you 💕——— This video just made my day, you’ve always been my shelter. All the love to you and everybody here!

  7. I just sat and did this meditation with my boyfriend. It was blissful 🙂 Felt so much quicker than 10 minutes. Thank you Adriene x

  8. Andriena your suggestions are valuable. I proudly to say, bharateeya yoga administer the universe to gain the health and peace.

  9. Thank you Adrienne, thanks to this video I can handle my hectic life as an ADHD teenager, it always helps me to see the big picture and not fuss about little things like french tests and homework. Now I see clearly that it’s gonna be alright, I just have to get the to do list in my mind on paper so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. 💛

  10. I somehow miraculously felt the connect with all people on this planet who are practicing with Adrienne. Love without borders. Adrienne, thank you for your wise leadership.

  11. Thank you so much for this, I use it every day generally before or after my yoga practice and it works so well, even when my anxiety is really bad ! (I do it laying down though)

  12. Although being a Hindu
    I have been practicing meditation and yoga since years but happy to see how calm she makes us…

  13. Finally found you. Thank you, I just finished the whole video, and it really helps me, every morning I wake up with my anxiety and this morning I am more relaxed and confidently know that this day will not be just like those bad days, it will be different. Thank You very much! It's such a pleasure to medidate with you.

  14. No offense Adriene, but I would like to ask you to take a try to VIPASSANA meditation by S.N.Goenka.I don’t mean there is something wrong with your meditation technique cause lots of people are benefiting(as well as benefited).Please take this as a suggestion from one of your million well wisher!!!

  15. i’m asthmatic and the long and deep breaths give me so much anxiety when i hear them cause i know i can’t replicate cause my breath is too short

  16. I love you Adriene. If I need to tell you one thing if I get a change, that would be – " Thank you! "

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