Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel – Trailer 2



  1. Cool now please make a movie about thanos destroying every other planet till he got to earth

  2. How is it possible that it's 2018 and companies like Disney still upload their videos in 16:9 with black bars ???‍♂️

  3. So probably a bit after this movie releases we'll get to see her in a new Avengers endgame trailer, hopefully

  4. If marvel wanted more money. Make a Ms marvel movie and captian marvel movie? Idk my friends thought captian marvel was just that not Ms marvel I was triggered

  5. If she became one of them, then does that mean the others have the same powers as Captain Marvel?

  6. I bet the person Fury “trusted” works for shield and is actually a skrull and that’s how he loses his eye.

  7. captain marvel – march
    endgame – april
    why so close in playdate? so those who pass on captain marvel will have a chance to catch it after seeing the damage she has done in endgame


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