Man Films Treadmill Weightloss Over 8 Months



  1. I'm so proud of myself I finally gave up soda, fast food, most carbs, processed meats, and any type of desserts.

  2. Well done! How much time did he use his treadmill a day to get that result? He inspires me, I want to do the same. How much shall I use treadmill a day (quick walk rather then jogging) so I could lose roughly 3 kg a month and being on balanced healthy diet?

  3. Hi Billy, thanks for your video, highly motivational. What's the name of the music / tune you are using?

  4. Great job. I'm currently 240 lbs and as soon as my treadmill gets fixed, I'm going to drop this weight. I'm already starting my diet program.

  5. It's got to be painful to do cardio with no headphones/music. Maybe he had speakers playing. I get so bored during cardio. Congrats to him, trying to lose weight myself!

  6. Wait you mean to tell me that obese people are fat cause they eat too much and don't exercise. Only bad thing is this guy is thin and longer part of a victim class.

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