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  1. I used to do a lot of exercises in Uni but since I graduated, I've been lazing around to the point my joints started making creaky noises when I stretched or slightly moved them. I now hate my favorite jumping jacks cos the balls of foot hurt and I can't walk afterwards, in addition to my right knee's pain from beening overweight. Recently my back started hurting from the new place I sleep and I decided I had to exercise my lazy muscles. This is the first workout video I've seen that's short enough for me to try, easy to do without jumping or equipment and makes me feel good.
    My goal: to get fit enough to start jogging again and trim off my belly fat. And get slimmer than my sister.

  2. first time do my complete workout with joana !! wouuhooou

    yo say it low impact, but urghhhh im sweatingg !!


  3. Day 1 of workout only got in 4:06 probably weighing in at 260-270 I’m dripping in sweat promise tomorrow work again or later tonight before sleep

  4. Love it !! I have a rod in my leg and a half of knee replacement and this works for me. Things that I couldn't do I just replaced it with something else 🥰🤗

  5. I've been doing this workout for about a week now. It is really helping me get off the couch. At the beginning of the week, I could only get halfway through. I've really been trying to eat clean and do this workout everyday, and now I can complete the ENTIRE workout. This is just the first step for me, so thank you for posting this video. You are truly helping people!!

  6. جوول التمارين مره صعبه تععععبببت😭😭😩😩💔💔

  7. Hi Joanna, like Mamey, I cannot do all of the low impact workouts because of my osteoarthritis (knee). Can I encourage you to do a session for elderly people like my mum (67 years old) so that they too can be encouraged to try? Thanks!

  8. Have to start at the beginning again because I injured my back and knee. Feels rubbish as I was at such a high level of fitness even 1hr of hiit was pretty simple for me. Give or take a few screams from quad burn.
    And now i am on the low impact.
    Difficult to not feel discouraged. But it is something and burning 100 cals is better than nowt.

    Thanks joanna

  9. I am so excited to find this channel! I have a bum knee and this low impact HIIT is just what I've been looking for 🙂

  10. Hi Joanna, love your workout videos! Request if you could do one for people with neck and shoulder issues (eg myofascial pain), thanks!

  11. The best part about this is you can do it without wearing a sports bra. So much win, thank you so much

  12. Yeay.. I do this and really sweat 💪💪💪
    and so amazing, since last weekend, my harmstring got pain because the weight of leg extention machine maybe was too heavy for me, and now the harmstring already be good. Really thank u, Joanna 😘

  13. Wow!! Did this first thing in the morning. Amazing wake up. Brilliant selection of workouts, targeted everything and weights could also be used. Brilliant!

  14. I have remathoed arthritis. I'm having pain almost all of joints. What kinda workout I should do? If you help me I ll be glad. Thank you.

  15. Hey J…pls suggest some more workouts…that have no jumping…as I am having kneeache from few days….so can't do other HIIT workouts😭…for few days at least 😅

  16. Wow Joanna another great work out video. I'm so used to your other work out videos where we do three sets of the same exercises. With this video, before I knew it we were already on the last set and I was covered in sweat and my heart rate was definitley up. For some reason I have become obsessed with your work out videos and even though I may not be able to keep up with you half the time they keep me coming back for more. Keep up the good work.

  17. Thanks Joanna, love this feel-good exercise video for my workouts!

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