Losing weight with Just Dance?



  1. Try with wrist and ankle weights. For sure you would lose weight and gain muscle along with a lower carb diet. You dont need the phone to do the dances. But I use a 2nd low budget phone to use with it. Boston winters suck. I know lol

  2. Loved the brutal open honesty of your video….plus you’re truly funny, which helps when you are depressed because your “fat”…as I say! So thank you for your video and I’m glad that you did it because I wanted to try a weight-loss program that was just casual and fun. I’m trying to get my strength back after becoming paralyzed from a rare syndrome called Guillain Barre Syndrome. I’m just walking out with a Canadian crutch or cane, but it is coming along slowly. I get bored with regular every day work out routines…So I’m gonna give this dance thing a try, even if I do fall over 1500 times! LOL

    Thanks for sharing again and I’ll be looking forward to seeing more fun, not taking yourself too seriously, videos!

  3. 6:14 I actually really needed that, I’m trying to become a self taught dancer (since I’m about to be in gymnastics, my mom let me pick one class to take) and I have been wondering if just dance actually helped with that 😂😂 so thank you

  4. Ive been wanting to exercise but its hard obviously. Just dance makes it fun and to he honest after i was tired and wanted to finish seeing a good song to dance too made me go again.

  5. Dude, you need to download myfitnesspal, get a food scale and log everythang there!! And still, thats progress!

  6. First off half an inch for minimal effort in a month is pretty great. However the main reason (besides diet) that you don’t lose much weight is the actual lack of effort you were putting into the dancing. You mainly moved your arms and really you want to be moving your whole body and getting it as close to the dancing avatar as possible.

  7. I think your experiment was a success! You should keep up with dancing, but maybe add in calorie counting. Use an app like Lose It! Because you can exercise all you want, but if you eat back those calories you won't lose anything.

  8. I think your results were pretty good for a month. Better slowly. Your metabolism is readjusting itself.

  9. I YouTube-searched "just dance exercise" wondering if anyone actually tried using the game as a catalyst for weightloss. Love your experiment, but I'm really only commenting to point out that you used PewDiePie's "Hej Monika" cover as transition music. Fucking hilarious dude. 😂 Any who, keep up the good work.

  10. Was looking for a video like this! I am skinny af and ofc do not wanna lose weight doing this, but I am the most unsportive person ever, walking up 4 stairs already kills my heartrate. I try to use if to build up better stamina and general health!

  11. I just started this 3 days ago and I have noticed a increase in stamina , before I did this when I started I barely resisted 3 songs but now I can dance 8 and before I would do 30 minutes , today I did 120 minutes , plus calorie reduction from 2300 to 1200 (I weight 244 lb and , height is 5,8 and my Fat is 34%) one reason you didn't see much a change mite be the songs you do or time but keep doing it and add way less calories to your diet and mix various other workouts like 30 pushups a day or 100 or 150 what even suits your body and don't push it when I started to do exercise could barely do one but now I can do 30-40

  12. I can bet that the reason why you didn't lose much weight has almost nothing to do with Just Dance and almost everything to do with your eating habits.

    The one thing that has worked for me, is doing either intermittent fasting or prolonged water fasting. There are plenty of videos on the subject, I would recommend intermittent fasting for beginers, you can then slowly move your way up into water fasting. However, don't take my word for it, do your own research.

    Look at this video to kickstart your journey, if done correctly, you will see massive changes in a short period of time. You can also check ProGamerJay's video about his 28 day water fast.


  13. Thanks for the video! I just ordered myself Just Dance to do the exact same thing, getting active and, more importantly, getting used to moving around more. I'm currently about 290lbs, and my long term goal is to cycle (easier on the joints) and do weightlifting again 🙂 keep up the good work!
    By the way, do you speak French by any chance? Your have a very slight accent hahah

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