Lose Upper Body Fat For Women : Lose Back Fat In 2 Weeks (VLOG DAY1 )



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  2. These 4 days workout can be done on continuous basis. I mean after 4 days repeat again? Please reply

  3. I’ve happened to be established in the diet and even fitness industry for upwards of a decade and in this period I’ve grown a great trustworthiness of which I’m enormously proud of. Just what I’m seeking to say is that, they put in the better part of a year fine-tuning and examining the 3 week weight-reduction plan before they eventually made it available to the public. in this process, they made most certain that just about everything was covered knowing that nothing was left out. https://truehealthreport.com/3-week-diet-review/

  4. Hello ma'am,can I do Weight training 6 days a week?like chest,back,lower, & again that 3 muscles for next 3 days…..
    Or else please suggest a proper workout for 6 days in gym as its really confusing that what workout should be done without personal training

  5. Mam koi bigginers kaise kar sakta h ye exercise itni jada…maine last kuch dino se start kiya h excercise krna..but 20 min hi kar pati hu aur body pain bhi hoti h

  6. Multi mujhe yeh janna h kya humko daily full body exercises karni chahiye kya har din body ke ek part par exercise karni chahiye? 2nd yeh ki hafte mein ek aadh din ka gap bhi lena chahiye body rest ke liye ya fir pura mahina bina gap ke exercises karni chahiye plz tell me its important to know for me?

  7. Woho mukti …such a nyc workout …too good …luv ur workout video ..plz an exercise video for lower belly fat n loose skin …plz plz plz mukti

  8. mam, along with these sets of exercises, should we do the other sets like plank, mountain climbers etc that u have shown previously? pls reply mam.

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