Lizzo Proves She’s 100% That B***h In “Truth Hurts” Performance! | BET Awards 2019



  1. Want to see how Lizzo's performance came together? Follow her as she takes you behind the scenes of her epic BET Awards performance! Watch the making of this performance now!

  2. So this is a new SEXY…hahaha this bitch has lots of confidence wearing that kind of outfit..LOL Nickis Butt is nothing to LIZZO😁😂

  3. OMG MY MOM WILL PLAY THIS SONG 24/7 its not that i dont like the song its IMA GO CRAZY IF SHE PLAYS THIS EVERYDAY

  4. every time this pops up in my recommended i have to watch it. soooo amazing

  5. this was on my recommended but its so good I didn’t click off once

  6. I like how’s she’s breaking the stereotypes. Love that she’s thick & that her backup dancers are thick too 🤩. Yay go Lizzo ✊🏽 🏆

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