Let's Talk About My Weightloss | VLOGMAS DAY 1



  1. That peacock looks better & makes so much more sense in Japanese.

  2. I really dont understand why u tried to lose weight in the first place. Not trying to be judgemental or harsh in any way. But im skinny an would have kill for a thick body like yours. I honestly have not be active on your page for a while an waz shocked to see u like this. I don't think this is you to be honest. I know u as this fun joyfull person who i always watch an looked up to. I see a complete stranger now. Lot of love tho. Still love you and your page.

  3. 3:04: Mia: “but HOLY POOP.” 😂😂😂 You are so strong Mia, PLEASE keep up your amazing work and please do a video on what you eat in a day to be healthy & your exercise/workout routines!!!!! 💕💕 ILYSM!!!!!

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