1. I just started your guide n. 2 today ?but I didn't get crazy with food this year I just rested for 5 days and had just a few extra calories from candys ?.. But today I did not weight more I felt great while working out so maybe I really needed a little bit more rest than I usually have so I enjoyed your guide SO MUCH. I loved the first one as well but I love that this one has cardio included so it takes care of my muscles and also the heart.. LOVE from the Czech republic ❤️

  2. Definitely going to be trying this out. I also have been eating none stop this past few days 🙁
    Love you so much and hope you're having an amazing day 🙂

  3. Yeeeeee this is what we need now !!!!!❤️❤️? wooow in Sweden nobady is using gym after Christmas as i can see?good for you my gym was fully full today at the minute they openened ???

  4. Ive been stressed. Gained all my weight back 155 heaviest I've been. I started again to get back to 135. Depressing. I will keep going though. Taking it as a bulk and now will cut.

  5. Do you have tips to jump off the treadmill? i'm always scared to jump off… one time i fell so now i'm turning speed up and down every seconds???

  6. Definitely doing the treadmill cardio with arms today!!!! Looks amazing. Cant wait to try the circuit too! xxx Ali

  7. Killer HIIT workout ? and scheduled for tomorrow when my gym is finally open again!

  8. How many times a week do you do cardio? Do you do it the day after a weight training session? Or rest in between? Thanks for another awesome video.

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