Legs, Shoulders n' Abs – 3 Day Weekly Workout Split



  1. Do you spend 3h in the gym to complete this workout?? Only to perform 6 sets of heavy squats you’d spend around 20 min. How can you do all of this in 1h – 1h30? …

  2. Greay workout plan, but day 3 is like two days in one… it is waayyy too long. I'll do the abs exercises on day 1 and day 2 and will do one set less for each other exercise on day 3.

  3. Is this set of training good to do for a total of 1 year or should I stop afterwards and focus on other muscles

  4. is this frequency enough for a natty?
    is basically one muscle per week….
    so… is it enough to make gainz?

  5. I had shoulder surgery back in April posterior labrum this routine has helped me get back little by little although ive been doing with light weight and increasing reps i can start to see difference I also mix in buff dudes 5 best workouts for shoulders back chest legs and abbs when i want to change it up keeps my body guessing thanks for always taking the time to make workouts fun but informative I still have a long way but im sure to get there #Staybuff

  6. is there is any problem doing those exercices after doing chest day yesterday ?

  7. Well, in my opinion, doing abs on the third day is the most stupid shit possible. The third one is already the longest without the abs workout, and by far the most exausting.
    So why make the third day twice as long as the others by adding abs to it? And I am not of the opinion that I can perform well during the ab workout after such an intense leg and shoulders routine.
    When I did this plan, I did abs on both upper body days, but not on the third one. For me it works better like that.
    Despite that, the plan is just pure GOLD

  8. I noticed that in a lot of split routines the shoulders are worked the same day as the legs. Is there any particular reason for this or just a coincidence?

  9. awsome workout dudes i continue 12 week plan i am always complete 7to 9 weak in second round i am hope to enjoyed workout dudes stay buff dudes 😉

  10. My physical therapist told me never to do overhead press because it puts too much stress on the Glenohumeral joint. Have you heard of anyone saying avoid it? Have you guys ever had any problems/injuries from doing overhead press?

  11. Looks Intense, Can this be done 3 days in a row? I work minimum 12 hours shift Thursday to Saturday.

  12. I see Brandon changed his clothes and had a shave half-way through the workout 😉

  13. Would there be any harm in doing your three day routines twice a week ? Or would it be better to stick with five days a week of specific muscle groupings ?

  14. Do I have to rest the following day even though its different muscles working the next day? I can only do the gym Wed, Thurs, and Fri due to work.

  15. I will be trying this routine due to my busy schedule. Thanks buff dudes

  16. What body parts should be trained together? and which should be trained alone?

  17.  so what comes after this on the 4th day? do you take the 4th day off and then start it all over again on day 5?? are these 3 days in a row or with rest days in between?

  18. How can I substitute a standing calf raise machine for something more free weight orientated? Is it possible?

  19. Hi dudes! Thanks for your good videos.  What is the reason to do the lying side lateral raise over the regular side lateral raise?  As I'm more comfy to the more common way.  Also, do the overhead press work also the rear delts? How about including a face-pull or reverse flyes?  Thanks!

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