Learning to Squat | The Starting Strength Method



  1. This is pretty much how I squat, but my lower back is very sore after 5 sets. Am I doing it wrong, or is it just normal muscle soreness that will get better the more I do it?

  2. This technique is very good for squatting the most weight. But if you wanna develop a mean set of quads I suggest you do high bar

  3. Possibly the best squat "how to" I've seen. And right off I realized my one major mistake that was keeping me from squatting: keep my head *down*. I've been trying to do squats like other movements where you keep your head up, but I was having trouble with balance. By simply looking down instead of up, I've eliminated the balance issue entirely. Amazing.

  4. Tried a variety of different set ups for squats over the years and it always felt forced, inefficient and uncomfortable. On the very first set of doing squats like this video, I immediately felt strong in the hole…my legs were being loaded, no discomfort anywhere, and I could push more weight thanks to proper recruitment. Now I'm actually excited to do legs instead of dreading it

  5. This video is a game changer for me. Thank you! I was struggling getting the depth for no good reason this whole time. You explained and demonstrated well. I was trying to keep my back too vertical.

  6. I'm sorry, this is shocking form. No your chest should never point down! No you should never be looking down or you will be "hinging" the weight down and up. ALWAYS have a high proud chest and keep your head up and forward. If this flawed "technique" thats being thought is used with high percentages then the individual will more likley fold like a pancake and have to hinge the weight up with their back. You can see that the guy in this vid cant even get lower than parallel which is a sign his hips are not breaking evenly with the knees and most of the weight is on the lower back, his stance is not wide enough Or he has very poor mobility. The more you point your chest at the floor the more forward the bar will travel outside the midline of the foot makeing the squat inefficient and an injury very likley. THEE worst squat video/tutorial ive seen.

  7. Exceptional video. I am gonna practice the stuff in this video for the next few weeks, try to nail the squat!!! 😊😊

  8. I cant get in that position,,,i have a wide shoulder girdle and shorter arms. It is impossible for me to set the bar in that position

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