LEARN HOW TO SNATCH | Part 1 | CROSSFIT FOR BEGINNERS | Vedharth Thappa | MuscleBlaze



  1. bhai thankyou so much so the far the best video on snatch in hindi, even better than many of the stablished english channels. every one interested also watch Jack Tallander he is also a very talented coach. Alan Thrall can also help you.

  2. Also make a video clean and jerk coz I have learnt the correct form of snatch in this video and I also want to learn the correct form of clean and jerk

  3. Wow we have such talented people in India. Hats off Muscle Blaze for getting this series! Vedharth Thappa is God like 🙏

  4. Sir are you really gonna start a series explaining all the CrossFit exercise?
    It would be really great

  5. Very well explained and summarized each and every warm up exercises. Looking forward to more content on crossfit from Vedharth.

  6. I have been searching for international athlete's workout regime for crossfit…. Never knew our very own country has such a talent…..
    Love the way you explain bhai…
    Immense respect…
    Keep the videos coming…

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