Kong: The 150lb Pitbull Puppy Set To Outgrow Hulk | DOG DYNASTY



  1. The extra weight is physically stressful for the dogs, you can see it. I have two Staffordshire Terriers, 9 yrs and 10 yrs. Old..I've had 16 dogs, so far in my life. I'd never bulk them up like that, especially Pit Bulls. Please just appreciate them, and love them just because they need love, are loving and lovable.

  2. These dogs are crippled by its mass. No mobility, no stamina. Just big meaty blobs. I doubt they can be really dangerous despite what ppl think. They are too slow to be really dangerous.

    Also. The owner guy has extremely punchable face; and annoying apperance (hoodie, hands in the pockets all the time, douche hats).

  3. How does this dude keep calling those dogs Pits is beyond me . You clearly can tell they have mastiff in them .

  4. Me : So Y’all Only Got 2 Dogs Right An There Just Some Big Babies🙂

    Him : Yeah They Wouldn’t Hurt A Fly There big ol Babies

    Me : Okay

    Him : 😉

    Me : Opens Door 😮 Sees Hulk And Kong Just looking at Me 😧 Slowly Very Slowly Causiosly Closes And Very Quietly Says To Him I Think I’ll Find My Way Home Have a Nice Day 🙂😭

  5. They would be a good hog dog but he'll try to eat every pig in site because he has the taste for the blood

  6. My neighbor has a Doberman and Pitbull, the pitbull has changed my parents mind on them, they are very loving and just cuddle bugs. The Doberman is quite aggressive it has barked at me a number of times but he’s still in training.

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