1. Hi Sean! When doing the leg raises and other movements like that my left hip clicks quite loudly and although it isn't painful it is uncomfortable and doesn't feel right! How would you suggest I battle this problem?

  2. Love these short but intense workouts, especially ones that are a little more balanced with full core engagement rather than just focusing on the abs. Keep'em coming!

  3. Haha you are the master of the self aware click bait titles. Enough for a new viewer to be like, "hot damn, ATOMIC ABS?" but enough sillyness to not rub the wrong way. I hope to look like the Nuclear Man from Superman 4 after getting through these!

    Pilates for sports sounds great, I feel like the reason Yoga clicked for me was because of all those calisthenics we did at football practice.

  4. I just finish this amazing workout , I loved it as always and I enjoyed ! thank you so much Dear SeanVigue , and have a great day . 🙂

  5. Great finisher to my other workouts today. Looking forward to the rest. Gotta keep the core strong for all of the snow shoveling I am currently enduring.

    There is an idea coach, yoga for snow shoveling! Haha. Great work as always.

  6. Hey Sean, are you planning to do The BEST DARN CORE WORKOUT of 2017? like in previous years? I love them

  7. Pilates for Sports would be great. Pilates for Golf is on top of the list. I like your Yoga for Golfers, too.

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