Khloe Kardashian | My Full Gym Workout Routine/Tutorial | by Khloe Kardashian



  1. i do like the kardashians either but it’s just a workout guys, not everyone is watching this because they like khloe herself per say like i’m only watching to find a good workout that works

  2. Ok, enhancements or not, you can’t get that body ONLY from plastic surgery! She’s definitely working hard.
    She’s doing a lot of HIIT workouts and they look short and sweet, but it takes a fit body and athleticism to be able to keep up for 1hour. I know, cause I do hiit workouts and there are a lot of young & older men that can’t keep up with me for an entire hour

  3. I don't think there's anything wrong with having a butt job or any work done. It's up to the individual, however own up to it. Don't deny the allegations. Most of the Kardashians have had work done and only Kylie admitted to having lip injections because it was way too obvious and she couldn't lie out of that one, but honey she had more than lip injections. Your face and body just doesn't just change so drastically overnight. No hate just saying you should declare it. I don't understand why a lot of celebrities deny or hide the fact they've had plastic surgery. Isn't it the very popular in Hollywood?

  4. Everyone's so hateful I love Khloe an atleast she's working out instead of sitting behind a screen all day form or not, not everyone wants a body builder or highly sculpted body. She's looking at fitness an health/ wellness

  5. Aye Khloe I see you , you are strong , you are smart & you are resillant .. I don't like to comment on you outer appearance, because I'm in a place that I just reach withint …I hope you know you inspire me to get in the gym, I'm a mom a single mom legit , If I can do it you can too. I think what makes you so popular is your spirit . I don't even watch reality but I like what what you share f*ck them Haters & I hope you enjoy your blessing that you named Truth. Keep doing you sis .. & you need to dump Tristan's Triffiling ass… But that's your choice You deserve ? better

  6. You know how many years it takes to build a big butty even if you already got one and you’re saying that she got it in months by just working out?!!!!!! ? ? ? bitches be stupid.

  7. I love koko she's my fav Kardashian! She's a freaking beast man when she works out she inspires me so much to wanna loose this weight! Thank you koko

  8. she is a BEAST and anybody doubting her I would like to see you do her workout back to back. also with her body type you can see a lot of gain, she doesn't have that bodybuilder body and I do not she would look good all buff…..just saying ???

  9. Inspired!!! That's how this made me feel. I have lost 15 pounds getting my workout on. And yes the whole water thing works for sure. I only drink water and unsweetened tea. My skin and hair look amazing! Water is the fountain of youth.

  10. Kardashians and Jenner's fake as fukk!..don't evn know why they have a "workout routine"..

  11. Her work out is going to your surgeon and getting your fat removed and transfered to your ass

  12. Ya she has had work done, if I had that much money I would too, when your look is your money you have too. She works out to make it look the best it can, unlike Kim who looks like cottage cheese one her ass and legs, she looks good af

  13. B4 I reed any comments of her not working right I was thinking the same.. All she does is jump around up nd down. She suck in those workout..

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