Keto Ultra Diet :- Shark Tank Weight Loss Diet, Pills, Side Effects,



  1. I've got something better than the tablets open your mouth I'll fart in it you'll lose weight you stupid toss pots when are you going to learn.

  2. Total scam. It was never on Shark Tank or Dragons Den. DO NOT buy this product. It will cost you a fortune and will do nothing for you.

  3. Not a Shark Tank Product. I wonder if Shark Tank knows they are using their name and a photoshopped version of Shark to promote their product. No wonder my bank Fraud Dept. called me when I tried to place the order. NOT AT ALL on Shark Tank. I called the Keto Customer Service number on my email and they have in their terms and conditions that this will Autorefill every month. I Told her not to hit my card ever again. She said they would cancel my order and I would recieve an eamil of cancellation. I said fine. Good Luck.

    1 no such shark tank episode, i looked.
    2 the keto diet only works if you dont shovel carbs and sugers in your face.
    3 this was one of the laziest videos ive ever watched..

  5. Is this the actual shark tank product? The reason I ask is because there are at least 2 OTHER products out there that claim they are the product. Please advise.

  6. What Shark Tank episode featured the Keto Diet Pills? I'm searching the internet looking for that one episode so as to stream it and nobody is listing which Season and or Episode date.

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