KETO FOR BEGINNERS | Part 1 (2018) Energy, Sugar Cravings & How To Know



  1. This guy has no knowledge of the the human diet all humans were designed to eat. There are no supplements to ever take on the diet we're supposed to be on because it has everything your body will ever need. Wolves and such animals eat the same thing there whole lives and we aren't different from them and are to eat the same main diet as they do….. raw meats and organs. Raw animals are the one main thing we all are too eat and there's nothing better nutritious wise and that has EVERYTHING a human needs in it. If iout have not been eating raw animals then your diet is wrong and you'll pay the price. Toss the plants, cooked foods, and anything processed and eat raw fatty meats and liver to restore your health from any alignment. It saved my life from the hell of veganism, and being brainwashed that there's even government a food pyramid. A few wild berries, raw animals is our perfect health food.

  2. I like this Video, do like the way you explain everything. I have been Keto for 18 months, teach people keto to, like the way you explain everything, very cool.

  3. This seems impossible, so many things to think about at each point. I can see why some people don't bother trying

  4. Another way you know your in ketosis is if you poop yellow. High fat diets and low carb diets tend to get you to shit yellow due to all the fat your putting in your system

  5. For potassium I just drink 2 full stalks of celery first thing in the morning and here are the macros
    Potassium =4020mg
    Sodium=1290mg and at night I'll drink my magnesium from a pill I FEEL AMAZINGG ON KETO NOW ,

  6. Keto is easy after the first month. Prepare for a month of hell before the rewards… I don't have very much money but I am able to live on my own formulated keto diet quite easily. I do have to eat a lot of the same foods quite regularly but I don't mind this too much. The best part is that I'm able to still consume some alcohol and even 85% cocoa chocolate in moderation.
    Every morning I will scramble 3 eggs in a pan to which I will add cheese and sometimes broccoli. Some days I will grill bacon as an addition.. It's important to fill yourself up in the morning. Black coffee only..

    During the day I will eat little bits when I'm feeling hungry. Many of us are used to eating through habbit when we're not actually hungry so wait until you really feel it before munching on slices of ham, chicken breast and cheese… other days I will eat seafood sticks but check the carbs amount first… try to eat the food with either 0g or upto 1g of carbs per serving but try not to exceed 10g or carbs in one whole day.

    In the evening there is much more choice. There will be either a chicken breast, roast pork, salmon, other white fish, pork chops, roast beef to which I might add a serving of cauliflour with broccoli and melted cheese…

    Drink plenty of water throughout the day also…. possibly try to get some light exercise regularly too… walks round the park, a short cycle or even just a long walk around your neighbourhood each day… this will boost metabolism and speed up the process..

    So here's my result after 3 weeks and 4 days…. I've lost 10.5 lb (4.8KG)

    SIDE EFFECTS that no website goes into detail!!!!

    The first two weeks you will feel terribly dizzy and lethargic.
    You may find yourself sleeping very deeply and waking up needing to recover from the deep sleep.
    Some days you will wake refreshed and alert and much earlier than anticipated.
    Around day 2 or 3 your body will crave sugar like nothing you've ever felt – This is the make or break point!!! so have a couple of cubes of DARK CHOCOLATE at 85% cocao ready to ease this pain!

    You will get diarrhea within the first 2 to 4 days after which you can experience long cycles of not needing to poop.

    There is constipation although it's simulated and not real constipation… because you have very little poop inside you, when you do get some it can be an enormous effort to get it out.
    Your breath might get a little funky so use sugar-free mints regularly.
    You will miss bread, milk, sugar, potatoes (in fact all root veg) but this is the ultimate challenge!


    After just two weeks I could start to see my facial bone structure appearing slowly through my fat face. I was so ashamed that I'd let myself go over a 6 year period but to see my facial features and definition starting to reapear was like the best and most rewarding feeling that you just can't buy. THIS is my KETO on a budget and it won't be for everyone however it becomes normality after a month and easy to stick to. Good luck everyone.

  7. i've recently lost 60lbs just through exercise, lower calories and counting what i eat. Was looking into keto and you make it really easy to understand how it works. cheers pal.

  8. Carbs and sugar is the reason I was so drowsy for the last 10 years. Ever since I fully adapted to Keto, that fatigue went away completely. Stay woke.

  9. That is a lot of pills. That cave man who ate the fatty meat and the occasional berry, how did he manage without all those supplements? Not dissin’ keto. I’m in the process of finding out about it to get going on it. But a healthy diet doesn’t require a bucket load of pills, so now i have concerns.

  10. Asian people love carb food but we are still skinny and petite 😃. Eat what ever you want as long as you exercise too. X

  11. I’m not finding Kerrygold grass fed butter coconut oil. Was it Kerrygold grass fed butter, and coconut oil? Two separate items?

  12. This is a diet I’m gonna try while working out sadly for me since I’m asian my rice withdrawals are gonna kick in quite a bit but is there any tips?

  13. Very good information and an excellent delivery. My problem is fruit, I have about a cup of watermelon everyday, do you have to give up most fruits on a Keto diet, you didn’t mention them to much,

  14. So let me get this straight, in order to be Keto you need to take 15 different supplements to keep your body running normally…..yet this is a natural diet that our bodies are made for?

  15. Such awesome content, you've definitely earned a sub. Keep up the good work.

    What an underrated YouTuber.

  16. Any tips for us vegans trying Keto? Im struggling to get enough calories without surpassing my limit of 20g of net carbs.. literally pouring olive oil and coconut oil on everything to boost my calories and fats as I can’t eat enough vegetables/nuts to reach my calories good without going over my carbs.. hope that makes sense! Thank you 🙂 x

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