Keto Diet Results – My Update 1 Month In – How Much Did I Lose?!?



  1. add 16:8 with keto. once adapted you have to up your macro and fat intake to continue. I averaged 10lb first week and 2 lbs a day for another month and then it slowed down to 2 to 3 a week. Lots of water and electrolytes. Im now Paelo

  2. I can go low carb but you can only eat so much high protein/high fat food. I find myself grabbing a handful of cheerios. It does make you satisfied and you don't feel the need to eat for a long time. I've just heard of this diet and I'm guessing it's okay to throw in some carbs here and there. I also found some exciting recipes.

  3. Very beautiful 💕 love seeing other poc doing these weight loss videos cause it gives me hope that i can do it *too*😭

  4. Are u completely no important no to eat any at all to keep your body in that fat burning state…now 2months on with working out..then 2weeks off working out .and repeat..till you hit your goal..then just maintain from thereafter

  5. Thanks for this. It was very helpful. We have a similar weight and loss goal. I will try to find your other videos for updates. Have not started Keto yet it keeps coming into my path so now I am considering it.

  6. I’m really interested in this diet. But first I need to research it more. I do want to do the diet. I’m excited but nervous about this diet~

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