KETO Diet Menu Plan to Lose Weight In Just 7 Days



    How does the ketogenic diet work? 0:41
    Different types of ketogenic diet. 2:11
    Foods you should base your meals around. 3:15
    Foods you should avoid. 3:59
    7-day ketogenic meal plan 5:01
    Unpleasant side effects you might face 10:09
    Health benefits of ketogenic diet 10:51

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  5. Yep. I’m on keto. I’m 9yrs old. And I MUST drink Kepra… I’ve been on this diet for 2yrs, and I do it for medical reason like ehem, SEIZURES

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  8. Oof I got a KETO add before watching this video and for a second I thought it was the actually video. ;-;

  9. i've been on keto diet for 5 days now and lost 2.1kg but on the first day i lost 1.4kg which is insane!!!

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