Kenny G Greatest Hits Full Album 2018 The Best Songs Of Kenny G Best Saxophone Love Songs 2018



  1. Essas músicas desse Kenny G são de grande bom gosto cada uma mais linda e perfeita ,amo todas elas ,todas são especiais para mim!!!


    verdadeiramente é!

  2. Dios bendiga a kenny g.por ese don hermosa música qué me teletransporta y me hace sentir bellas emocines

  3. Que buena música!
    Ideal para relajarse, luz tenue, copa en la mano, y dejar que los sentidos hablen por si mismos!

  4. The saxophone is known as a single-reed musical instrument that is a staple in Jazz bands. Considered to be newer than other musical instruments in terms of its music history, the saxophone was invented by Antoine-Joseph (Adolphe) Sax.

    Adolphe Sax was born on Nov. 6, 1814 in Dinant, Belgium. His father, Charles, was a maker of musical instruments who made several changes to the design of the horn himself. During his youth, Adolphe studied the clarinet and flute at Brussel's Conservatory. His father's passion for creating musical instruments influenced him greatly and he began plans of improving the tone of the bass clarinet. What he came up with was a single-reed instrument constructed from metal that has a conical bore and overblows at the octave.

    The presence of saxophones makes music feel young again, with a renewed sense of hope and belief in fellow humans. That deep feeling shines on songs, albums, fun highlighting, differences for rhythms, contagious grooves, soulful tunes and vibrant pop music.

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