Kenan Thompson Talks Fatherhood, Weight Loss, SNL & More!



  1. He's his idol, so no digs. But equally bad men he didn't idolize, are fair game? He is old, & he played one of my idols, but the actual man is a serial rapist …he's a monster from a horror movie. Fantasy vs reality. Geez…

  2. Kenan still calls him his idol and says "we don't know the whole thing" bruh the little we do know is tragic. For a man with a daughter and a WIFE to make these kinds of statements is disappointing to me. Everyone is entitled to feel their own way about the subject I'll just leave it at that.

  3. Yes it’s true he was chill. Most likely it’s because when you’re on the show with someone like Wendy you have to keep your guard up. This conversation could have gone sideways quickly

  4. Wendy needs to put on smaller/lighter eyelashes! Her trying to keep her eyelids open looks like she is fighting to stay awake ;D

  5. Hes voice sounds deeper he actually looks like a man. I still love Kenan and Kel from my childhood.

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  7. I loved this interview! He is a humble, nice and normal man! He doesn’t need to do the most to succeed.

  8. Yay he automatically reminds me of my childhood love him (great to see him as grown man)

  9. Bill Cosby is convicted and in prison and some still think there is something to debate about. Honestly, what conclusion is Kenan is looking for??

  10. I feel like Wendy wanted to yell, "DAMN IT MAN! YOU CAN BE BIGGER THAN SNL!!!" "YOU CAN BE A BOSS!!!"

  11. Wendy promoted the hell out of Keenan Thompson. Wendy does not get the credit she deserves for promoting and keeping black 🌟stars ⭐️in the news.

  12. Great interview. I thought Wendy was going to talk about what happen to Kel because he was just as funny as Kenan. I still like Kenan though and am happy he is very successful, which is a great look for black actors. Finally, I love how Wendy gave Kenan some motherly advice to do both shows at the end. Happy Holiday. God Bless.

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