Juiced Up – The Consequences of Steroids: SWOLE Ep. 3



  1. Out of breath from talking. This guys just as unhealthy as a fat dude

  2. You guys might want to get your diet checked or your gear checked because one is lacking . You guys don’t look jacked at all . You look very natty for the most part . I’m 44 and look way better and Ive never taken roids

  3. Oh yeah he just keeps the bottles laying around and only throws out once a year.

  4. To juice or not to juice? Can you tell wether I’m on juice or not? Tell me what you think on this 3 months transformation.
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  5. Does anyone know what steroids Flex Wheeler was taking? He must have had a blood clot or tendon rupture in his leg to necessitate emergency surgery.

  6. Their BREATHING looks like they're 80-90 years old😂🤣😂🤣. I prefer stay NATURAL and healthy

  7. Im sorry but these guys have massive water retention and fat zero aesthetics. no amount of gear can change genetics.

  8. Sad as hell. Steroids are for complete and utter losers. Never met a sane steroid user. I'm 5ft4 and have bigger balls then these morons.

  9. Honestly this is sad the way this guys damage their own bodies and the physique don’t even look good. Not at all. Buy anyways good luck

  10. Question I'm currently taking rad140 and mk677. But somewhere down the line if I was to pin instead how do you keep your gains. Cause they say when the cycle is up you lose 90 % of those gains.

  11. Dudes in this video could've looked like that on Pushups and Bread – the nurse could use some hair treatment.

  12. I'll just go the Jeff cavalier route this looks terrible. They don't look like they feel good. Being natural you feel good leaving the gym these guys look out of breath talking. It's ruining other parts of their lives.

  13. He looks more like a WWE wrestler than a bodybuilder. I think he may have missed his calling.

  14. Not a hater everyone can do whatever they want to there own body but honestly all 3 if these guys have shit bodies absolutely no sign of abs zero definition there big yeah but it'd bulky big as a aesthetic look it's crap

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