John Cena Warm-Up & Stretch | Ep.64 PART ONE



  1. 37:00 I’ve got one of those things and have used it a lot. He’s not as flexible as me at my best but it surprised me he got himself that far

  2. John Cena lokks having fun torturing Sheamus and giving him payback for all the brogue kicks he got from him

  3. i hope i get an answer for this but i have a qustion here i have a problem with my back it looks a little bent and i want to improve my posture i saw some bodybuilders who also have this problem so i want to know which exercise should i do to improve my posture?

  4. with that hair john cena must play the role of the US president in a movie which i would really love especially if he fights some bad guys and doing some wrestling actions

  5. that bending over stretch makes me think of Bruce Lee prepping to give Chuck a lesson in return of the 🐉 very good stuff very good for the mind as well

  6. ahahaha Abraham Lincoln ahaha cmon bro ahaha…these two would be good together in an action flick

  7. is it bad i prefer this sheamus over the tv version? i mean he’s still the same person, he’s just more humble and real here. keep it up you guys! you both are my favorite wrestlers! ❤️

  8. John Cena has a 1984 Terminator 1 Arnold Schwarzenegger look. Maybe the face or the hair.

  9. Here's my Rap, check this out "The Celtic Warrior is so white, which means you can always see him at night, Cena on the other hand, well with that hand it means you can't see him" Word.

  10. After a few years of cycling related tightness and injuries these stretches really are fantastic. Thankyou. Grerat vid.

  11. John Cena making you look like a beginner haha.

    Thank you for making these videos BTW, I find them really helpful.

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