Joe Rogan – Why Obese People Can’t Lose Weight



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  2. I myself do believe genes have a take in the body you get, but saying you can't lose weight because of genes is just an excuse to be lazzy.

  3. This guy is right. All my life I was either gaining weight or on a diet. My weight fluctuated constantly but the amount of time I was a healthy weight was very small compared to the amount of time I was substantially overweight. During menopause I became quite obese, to the point that my body was about half fat. My health deteriorated and I had a lot of problems.

    I started a 5 year process of very deliberate testing to see if I could determine what foods my body worked best with. As a result I am now at a point where I can eat as much as I want and not gain weight. As it turned out all I had to do was cut out grains and sugar. I can eat all the meat I want – the fattier the better, and I often eat 1 pound steaks – still no weight gain. Bacon, pork chops, fried chicken – bring it on! I eat a lot of vegetables, which is new for me. Eggs, nuts, seeds, dairy, berries – no problems. I'm 5' tall and eat about 2000 to 2500 calories a day, sometimes more. In the past anything more than 1500 calories a day and I was loading on the pounds. I have had so many health benefits from my new diet that it is completely obvious that my body loves the changes I've made. I have stopped storing fat. I feel great. Giving up grains and sugar was totally worth it.

    Will this work for everyone? I can pretty much guarantee it won't. Everyone is different. Some do great on healthy grains. Some do better as vegans. There are some who even do better on only meat. I can tell you thing – discovering what works best for your body is a personal journey that is well worth taking.

  4. Wow as a formerly obese person this is bullshit. Yes its true that metabolism makes it easier for certain people to become obese, but if you dedicate yourself to eating healthy you can be fit like anyone else.

  5. I am 16 lost 110 pounds wanting to lose 10 pounds of fat and put on more muscle, possible if u want it to be

  6. From personal experience it’s the want to eat. I got to the point where I lived to eat and not eat to live. It’s hard giving up eating what ever I wanted when ever I wanted.

  7. This fuckwad is getting fat People to pay him for saying it’s not their fault. Of course he’s going to pimp out the fatties.

  8. Observing people and their habits for my whole life I can conclusively say that fat people do eat more and make worse food choices on a regular basis than the thin people. I think that the education we give kids on health and food is flawed. The only way to avoid being fat is to keep from getting fat in the first place because once you get fat it is almost impossible to lose weight and keep it off, and the weight you gain as a child will plague you forever. We need to teach children that they decide a maximum weight that is acceptable and that if you hit that you needto immediately diet back down to the lower end of your acceptable weight.

  9. Fact that up until the past few decades majority of the population was not overweight blows this guys reasoning out of the water. You want to loose weight stop listening to this guy and listen to Joe Rogans podcast with David Goggins if you are serious about getting your weight off. This guy is giving you excuses. Listen to Goggins and you will know how to take action.

  10. I've seen people develop type 2 diabetes from how unhealthy their eating habits are and they still don't give a fuck, people who are morbidly obese and cant stop eating are like smokers with lung cancer who cant put the fucking cigarette down.

  11. What is this retard even talking about? You want to tell me if that fat person eats 2000 kcal he will still gain weight? you keep using the word "on the same diet". What diet? How many calories. If every obese person ate even 3000 kcal, they d lose weight. Just some retarded ass bullshit

  12. If it is a lot of genetics, why were obesity rates so low until 70s? Genetics take a along time to change. I think conveniently blaming genetics is not taking responsibility for bad eating. Sure 1 or 2% may have genetic issues, but not the rest of the 60-70% overweight people. This is an epidemic of bad life style.

  13. Where the hell did you guys get your nutritional qualifications? From the back of a Cereal packet? Its simple Calories In, Calories out. To lose weight you eat less and/or execise more. You can cant out exercise a bad diet. Why is it you get a few dudes who lift weights, take roids and think that they are in anyway qualified to give nutritional advice? Whats being said here is not only wrong, its irresponsible.

  14. I’m sure this guy knows what he’s taking about, but he’s approaching it from a very scientific standpoint. For the rest of us, just work out 30 minutes a day, eat and drink clean, and and get good sleep (whatever good sleep is to you) and you’ll lose weight. Trust me. I did just that and went from 190 lbs to 145. Obviously you can educate yourself and really tailor your diet, but there are just general, fail-proof rules you can follow. But I stress the importance of working out because if you don’t work out the muscles in your body in some shape or form, your body is going to deteriorate really quickly. Joe Rogan explains this in another podcast.

  15. I have thyroid problems, when my thyroid in HIGH gain weight like crazy and start to have congestive heart failure. My muscles have been badly effected causing any muscle tone,. I do have to turn to mush. It is such a battle. Hope the dr can help. I eat healthy. And try to exercise but exhaustion is a factor.

  16. Terrorised poor people, those with histories of abuse and neglect are often overweight.  People living in inhuman situations of poverty and fear of violence often have heightened fight & flight responses so they crave fats and carbohydrates.  People who have food insecurity often crave fats and carbohydrates – this is controlled by the brain, waiting for the time when they will have to fight or walk long distances to find food – THIS IS INSTINCT. 

    I'm wondering why the latest guru Jordan Peterson doesn't say anything about people who are subjected to years of abuse and neglect who don't fit into his GET OVER IT YOU LAZY LOSER mentality.  Its pretty obvious listening to Jordan speak he's not mentally stable, he can't wait for a person to finish anything, he continually butts in . He makes sure nobody asks the questions that challenge his worst and most ignorant opinions.

  17. It's called GURD…yet no physician helps there patients overcome GURD..its so easy. Body weight in grams of protein with max 180 grams a day. Along with keeping heart rate at max for 15 minutes 5 days a week. Changes your metabolism. Surprised he didn't explain this…

  18. That filled in some detail I was not 100% with. I knew Hormones played a big roll and knew which ones but how was not so clear. Nice to hear it explained by a pro.

  19. want to fight obesity problem in our country
    2 things :
    – fat tax
    – mandatory military service for all citizen at least 5 years

  20. Idiot I'm 5'9 200 lbs the meds I take gained me 50 lbs since I was 24 I'm 46 now . The way you are literate with how people age with drugs or thyroidism is ludacris you see it in a discriminated way . Stop relating and body shaming others based on your experience back when I was 24 I gained 100 lbs in a month when put on meds in a matter of months . Basicly it was go insane and kill myself or take these meds so I took the meds gained the weight it wasn't even hypothyroidism it has to do with mental depression based on something I fought for 14 yrs prior . So. At 46 I'm at 200 lbs but am alive lost 50 lbs can't lose anymore go to hell with your charlantIn ways about diabetes and such your talking out of your ass I can out due you in any athleticism u choose . Not being delusional or hating I'm being real I'm not lazy I am predisposed to diabetes and yes I do have it now and it is hard to get rid of no matter what I do but I know I am out due u.

  21. I too am apart of the problem, last week I weighed 386 lbs and thought about putting a bullet in my head. If you too can relate to similar circumstances, follow me on my journey to lose weight and get back my life.

  22. Such stupid BS. Dude has to over complicate things or he'll be out of a job. Proven time and time again, your body OBEYS THE LAWS OF PHYSICS. Calories in, calories out. Not that fucking difficult.

  23. Let fat people be fat. They'll continue to lust after hot, fit people and whine because the attraction isn't mutual. After a while of not getting laid they finally get their shit together and get weight loss surgery or start eating less shitty food. They lose some weight, get motivated, and that's where life begins.

  24. Obesity is the one thing in this universe that isn't subject to the fundamental laws of thermodynamics. Obese people aren't fat because they eat a staggering fuck ton of calorie dense food, no.. it's because their bodies aren't functioning properly.

  25. After listening to the guest speak for a while, then Joe speaks, his voice sounds like a cross between Jordan Peterson and Kermit the Frog.

  26. The number 1 item purchased on food stamps is SODA!

    Go to a grocery and just observe carts and weight.

  27. We need more public transport in America. I've lost and kept off weight due to walking/biking to and out of subways and busses.

  28. Most of fat ppl don't eat more than other ppl stopped listening there ???
    What an absolut load of fucking bullshit.

  29. I'm a 56 yr old fat ugly male.. I have been fighting my weight since I was a very small child.. I was bullied made fun of called Fat Frank all my life… I lost weight.. gained it back ..lost it again.. tried everything.. drugs.. exercise.. ended up in the hospital from malnutrition.. electrolyte imbalance caused me actual permanent damage. I hated myself.. my family was disappointed in their fat lazy child. I never dated in school.. no girl would want me.. all my life women didn't want me… my mother asked me if I was gay because she never saw me with women. I of course never had children.. my parents died never having grandchildren. My father was military.. always skinny in shape.. he gave up on me.. never did things with me.. I spent all my time alone… I still spend all my time alone… This has followed me my entire life.. Women never wanted me.. asking a woman out was just painful rejection. So now I'm 56.. alone.. no family left alive.. I haven't had sex of any kind in many many years.. I guess I'll spend the rest of my life alone. Suicide has crossed my mind many times.. being unloved and unwanted is really bad for a man. Women.. don't know this.. because MOST women no matter what can AT LEAST find a sex partner if nothing else. But a man like me… goes years without human touch… feeling unwanted and wanting to end my life.

  30. I’m glad he drops what we think is fact…but I wish he would have translated it into plain english.

  31. obese people can't lose weight, because when they lose weight, they aren't obese anymore

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