Jocko Willink's Home Gym Essentials Illustrated!



  1. I just wanna say, my $25 pullup bar from Walmart (the type you're saying NOT to get) has lasted be years. And doesn't fantastic.

  2. If feel sad that at 5:12 the average person will look at the guy on the rower and think “he’s just fat” when little do they know he’s literally one of the strongest people on planet earth.

  3. Pillow cases with rice or sand, inside a backpack or duffle bag, is the best home gym. Clean and press variations burn 100kcal every 10 reps.

  4. Alright, I'm here for all of you who don't have the money for all this stuff . . . Get yourself a pipe from Lowe's, and get yourself just a few kettlebells, and that's really ALL you need.

  5. Cant you just get a power tower with dipping and pullup bar instead of a dipping station and pullup bar?

  6. Kettle bells for farmers carry? I got 2 buckets for 2 bucks each and I fill them with dumbells depending on the weight I want but normally they have 40 lbs in them. Also a home step or jump plyo box is helpful, and a 60 lb weight vest makes those step ups and even just going for a walk brutal, not to mention air squats.

  7. If you got 300 bucks and next to no room, gymnastic rings, a few rubber bands and a (heavy) weight vest is the way to go. You can do pretty much anything and everything for your upper body on gymnastic rings and you have to bring all of them stabilizing muscles into play as well. As you get more muscle and strength, just do more demanding exercises and/or use the weight vest for added weight. And you can use a rubber band to lighten up the ring exercises. If you can do the crucifix, are you gona tell me you ain't got a great upper body? All manner of dynamic plyometric jumps for the lower body. Next would be olympic bar and bumper plates, but they are expensive as hell and you need a whole lot of room to train with them… and a sturdy floor. Next is power rack and safety straps.

  8. Crossfit pull-ups aren’t pull-ups, they are bullshit and does not makes you back muscle , shoulders , arms and forearms to grow and get stronger in a correct manner.

  9. "the average person wouldn't use any of this equipment, one Smith Machine trumps all these fitness geegaws" flexa

  10. I started with click dumbbells, then a quality squat rack and more steel plates than I could ever lift (bought this all off of a power lifter). Came with a bench too.

    Next I added a rope and rings (cheap), a landmine unit, gymnastics mats, a seated calf raise machine, bought some bumper plates, and built two jumping boxes. There is nothing I can’t do now.

    I have a quad too that sometimes I push out back of my place as my wife steers and brakes.

    I’m 43 years old and have been working out hard and following proper nutrition for just over a year. I used to lift a while ago but it sure felt good to get back at it! I feel better than ever!

    Keep working hard guys and gals regardless of your age and make no excuses. Anyone can do it.

  11. Adjustable Dumbbells + adjustable bench off Amazon
    Total door pull up bar with dip bar add-on
    And then an Olympic set when you got room and money

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