JEM WOLFIE – Fitness Beauty: Gym Training, Workout, Fitness Motivation @ Australia



  1. she doing more in the gym than the boys!!! they walking around with headphones on, and she working out with headphones…smh

  2. Crazy how all women mainly care about is gettin that booty big when it comes to muscle growth 😆

  3. Why are people going for the Baboon ass look it is beyond me.. a good per bum and thighs is all they need to look like a fit person, maybe they want to look the part when doing pole dancing. Baboon on a Pole lol

  4. Olá, você prática algum tipo de atividade física? Então, fiz um video para meu canal sobre meu início na calistenia, esse tipo de atividade física que mais cresce. Se ja faz calistenia ou outra atividade curti e comenta oque você faz. Tenha uma ótima tarde

  5. Why is she so obsessed with her ass?? Whats wrong wid her??Even when she is doing other exercises she is showing off her butt…..Psychologically she seems to be suffering from insecurity……I m not criticising (which she certainly desrves) but just making an observation…..Guys ppz give her sm views n likes to satiate her shallowness…She seems like.a depressed soul n might use sm help.

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