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  1. As if I would take health tips from the person who supports the sugar tax. Causing companies to use artificial sweeteners instead of real sugar. No thank you

  2. "Iron, Zink and Copper", you know you could just eat a tv. You would for sure get that iron, zink and copper 🙂

  3. Spelt pasta all the way. Best of both worlds taste wise and less gluten. More easily digested and has all the texture.

  4. The best is swapping mayo for greek yogurt and it s fantastic with garlic and thyme and any flavoring

  5. Yet…Jamie, you know and I know that you NEVER cook with extra virgin olive oil. You should use sunflower or olive oil, and SEASON with extra virgin.

    Same way that you should never cook with sesame oil. Come on man.

  6. I absolutely love brown pasta. It's so tasty 🤤 Since my boyfriend introduced me to it, I've been literally craving brown pasta. Could eat it every day. ❤

  7. I am eating white rice because it tastes amazing. Don’t care about nutrition. Don’t take white rice away from the Asian. They bite.

  8. I love your recipes and shows but I dropped all grains and feel much better from it. I look forward to more meat and veg!

  9. Hello Jamie, or anyone,
    You know, with white basmati or jasmin rice, you need to rince it under cold water to remove the excess starch and dust… is it the same with brown rices?

  10. My Top 5 Healthy tips:
    1. Eat more organic leafy greens
    2. Eat less bread, pasta, and starchy carbs
    3. Do not drink soda or fruit drinks with real or fake sugar
    4. Drink raw smoothies and juices
    5. Exercise in short, intense workouts

  11. There is actually no difference between white and normal brown bread, when it's not whole wheat. Brown bread is literally just white bread with food colouring to make it look darker, so people think it's healthier. It's only healthier, if you buy something with whole grains in it.
    You can even try it out at home. Spelt is always talked about being the healthy cousin of wheat – so the bread should be darker, we think. I baked a spelt bread (not whole grain) once and it was as white as any old white wheat bread.
    So, just because some bread is darker than the other, doesn't mean it's healthier.

  12. Too bad I'm lactose intolerant. Yogurt messes up my stomach. The non dairy stuff messes up my stomach with the thickeners and gums, etc.

  13. Hi Jamie!Your tips really helped me.Especially the pasta and bread ones.Even simple swaps can make your day to day life healthier!😁

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