Is Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Reversible with Diet?



  1. Thank you for this video. My Nephrologist (Kidney Doc) said exactly what you cautioned that I was spilling protein and that going forward I should never eat more than 78 grams of protein a day because too much will cause my body to spill more protein. This never made sense to me. He also said taking NSAIDs probably contributed over the years. Turns out after getting back on Keto and a retest that CKD came up negative on the next test.

    You are the greatest. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Doc! Thank you for this video! Can u please also talk about Polycystic kidney disease please:)

  3. I hope your wright . I've been on Kato for about a month and I have stage 3 kidney disease .

  4. I wanted to also say that I am currently on hemp dialysis and I need that protein because dialysis pulls all of my protein so I need a lot of protein daily

  5. I appreciate this video my endocrinologist said not to do keto but my nephrologist said it was okay .so I do not know what to do and of course my husband is going by what my diabetes doctor says and I know deep down that by doing low carb it will improve my health. I will be sharing this video thank you. oh and what are your thoughts on this, my doctor, she said for some reason that she did not want me to go into ketosis would you know why she would say that.

  6. I'm 56, eating Smarities—- sugar and I also ate some Cheez Its too. I love carbs, sugar. I also love protein I guess, steak, hamburger, fish. I just got a blood test last week and I am hoping I haven't developed diabetes. I'll know in another week I guess.

  7. Once I stopped my weight training and whey protein for few weeks. My egfr increased back to >90 . How can you explain this? I have no bp issues, no diabetes, no other medical issues. I wish to continue weight training

  8. Hi Dr. Berry I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos. I noticed that my kidney function is dropping rapidly. Will Synthroid help maintain function?

  9. i am at stage 4 kidney disease with my creatinine level up to 2.7 and potassium 5.5, is it too late for the keto diet?

  10. Everything is loaded with salt these days as a preservative, and as an addictive element. All we need is about 250 mg a day, you get that out of 6 glasses of water, and also every vegetable and fruit and meat, fish, and eggs have natural occurring salt. Watch out for salt bombs, most people in us are getting about 3500 mg of salt a day, and that's whats really hurting the kidneys….

  11. Well looking forward to see more of your videos.. as I was told to limit my intake of carbs and protein..? NOW WHAT ! I am stage 2 and only have one kidney. Had a cancer tumor in my right kidney and it was removed. So my other kidney is not working 💯 % 😢 it makes me scared when I eat. And wonder is this good or not …. very scary for me.

  12. Sir 44 years old man i am suffering from FSGS ckd patient in last 10 years now my creatinine 3.5 Bp is normal now plz guide me what is the keto diet. I am indian plz reply sir

  13. i have kidney chronic disease and i have one kidney thats i need abortion im 13 weeks pregnant is keto diet is bad for kidney disease

  14. Dr .Berry I have a question ? Can you keep one kidney longer than a ten year mark being a transplant patient !?

  15. GMO, chemicals instead of food in processed foods, cheap processed good, natural foods expensive & unadulterated supply is limited.

  16. I watched this in tears. Yes, I feel doomed. Ok, I'll give Keto a try… I mean, I've reduced carbs this past few weeks.

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