Intuitive Eating | GENTLE NUTRITION | Week 10 with Dani Spies



  1. Vegan diets are horrible for health. Animal products are superior in protein, essential fatty acids, bioavailability of vitamins/nutrients

  2. Thank you Dani it was a great series. Maybe you can make one on what ingredients to avoid, when we are at the store? I already know, but many people feel lost. Thanks to you, I have tried so many new veggies and greens and now I love them. Things like Bok Choi,fennel, quinoa. Spaghetti squash, is now a staple in my kitchen, zoodles, yumm. Riced cauliflower. I always loved cauliflower, but now I have new ways to use it instead of starchy sides 🙂

  3. Drinking game.. drinking everytime she says: RIGHT? 😀

    On the other hand.. Great video! I agree completely 😉

  4. Loved the story of your daughter choosing salad naturally. I gotta get back to that childhood intuition.

  5. I've been carrying an extra 35 lbs for over 10 years. I've tried several diets to no avail. Over the summer I read 'The Power of Habit' and researched intuitive eating. After a few adjustments by conquering a lifelong eating habit and getting in tuned with my body's hunger cues, the weight is falling off. Thank you for your encouraging teaching. This series was amazing. Free at last!

  6. Thank you again, Dani! Will trust my body more as before, giving him what he asks! In this manner, eating makes fun! Love you and appreciate you very much! Blessings, Ester.

  7. A playlist that will be on repeat for many years to come! Dani, thank you so much for your work on this series and for caring enough to share it with us!

  8. And also you can do a 101 on jackfruit it’s really good and also a dish on jackfruit and also like I said cacao so those two suggestions for youtube and also I suggested to you acai bowl thanks so much and 101

  9. Also, on different studies, the reason they are often conflict is because some studies are legitimate and some studies are commissioned and paid for by certain companies. Health should be free from advertisers, subsidies, and bias from certain companies and industries!

  10. 💡 Lightbulb moment for me when you stated to read ingredients and don’t focus on the numbers! Thank you Dani! I enjoyed the whole series.❤️

  11. what is my body telling me when my stomach hurts constantly almost? It hurts when I have just eaten and it hurts when I haven't eaten in awhile. It hurts in the morning, and it hurts before bed. Always feel either what I would assume is hunger pains or gassy/nausea pains. Its so hard when I'm eating clean and trying to feel good.

  12. It has been fun following this video series. Thank you for sharing it. You are right there are delicious foods that are still healthy. You are so helpful in providing us good ideas. Keep up the good work and please try and comment on the Califia farms almond/coconut milk product i suggested. I think you will like it.

  13. This has been an excellent series, one I will revisit often. Years ago when I got interested in health and nutrition I quickly learned there are tons of conflicting messages that can make your head spin! This video, and clean intuitive eating, does show that there room for flexibility and all this information does mean we don't have to be so rigid. Like many beginning on this journey, I've indulged a bit in my previously "forbidden" foods. I learned what feels good and what does not and with no foods forbidden these formerly forbidden goodies lost their pull and temptation because I know I can have them any time I want and the truth is I want them less! Thanks again for a great series Dani!

  14. Sad that this series is over. I loved it. Btw I couldn't but notice that you have 666K subscribers 😅

  15. “Not to much”, that’s an admission in the belief of calories in vs calories out. Which is true, related and irrelevant. Mostly plants is politically correct. Most people find them irritating and cause digestive problems

  16. If you want gently food eat meat, it’s not full with oxilates, anti nutrients, lectins, and colon irritating fiber.

  17. You're absolutely right about the science! I try not to take it too seriously because they all contradict each other anyway

  18. I have been trying to focus on intuitive eating and realizing when I sometimes eat out of boredom. I have been trying to eat only when I am hungry and if there is something I am craving, I have it. This keeps me from overeating other things trying to satiate the craving that I have. I just have it 😉

  19. Thank you Danni, this was a thorough series. I enjoyed it very much and will go over it all again. So true it’s good to concentrate on whole foods, this helps a lot.

  20. Thanks for this wonderful, freeing series! This last video was a great wrap-up! I love what you said, “Guilt and shame do not have a seat at this table.” Going to use that next time my dad makes a rude comment about what I’m eating! God bless your channel, and you! -Lisa 💜

  21. This series has definitely been an eye opener for me. Before this series began, I was so frustrated with all of the “food conversations” I was having all day long. I knew I was at the end of thirty years of dieting. The book and this series has been so helpful and freeing for me! I know I still have to work through some things, and figure a few things out, but I have stepped off the diet merry-go-round and am taking the trail to healthy freedom! Thank you, Dani! Connie

  22. I loved the comment that "guilt and shame have no seat at the table"! Oh, and the example of your daughter ordering a salad…..that must have been a proud moment!

  23. There are different waya of eating unique to all the different body types and what the body needs. That being said, upon finding what food reacts best with your body and then eat whole foods until full.

  24. Hi, feeling good and looking good goes hand in hand. The chef works hand in hand with a nutritionist. Thanks a lot for the video!

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