Introduction to Pivot Tables, Charts, and Dashboards in Excel (Part 1)



  1. This video is very informative. I have a better understanding of how to use Pivot tables. Thank you. I am going to watch Part 2 and 3 now.

  2. Thank you so much for this. You have really just simplified not just my understanding of excel pivot tables, but my entire corporate life. I have seen the light. Tuning into t=more of your videos, this is fantastic!

  3. Great info but thank god most retail POS systems all include this dashboard info along with a endless parameter of info at a touch of a button. Great thing is once you figure out exactly what info you need to show and set up the proper template everything else from that point on is just plug and play.

  4. What is the fastest way to clean up the data? Look up for merged and blank cells. First time watching your videos, not sure if what I am asking was explained before. If you or someone can refer me to that video, that will be great. And Thanks for such clear and precise intro to pivot Tables.

  5. Hi Jon. Thank you for creating this video. What I'm having difficulty with at this time, as an example, is extracting the data into a new table on a different tab. Can you demonstrate how to list each sale by Rep. The data labels should be: Sales Rep, Date, Customer Name and City, and State. Notice I don't want a Sales Summary by Revenue. I'm having a tough time figuring out how to separate details/action items from a Sales Meeting by Rep. This doesn't require Summarizing Sales Revenue by day or month-to-date. Your data example would work really well to demonstrate how to separate the sales activity, especially if Reps have sales on the same day, or same city. Please advise how this can be accomplished? I already know how to use filters and sorting functions. I don't want to copy and paste anything. I just want to see a separate table populate itself onto another tab by Salesperson, and each sale posted for the whole month. Thanks for your tutorial. I hope you can help me. Cindy

  6. Subscribed immediately! I went through a series of videos before I found yours and in less than 15 minutes I learned more than ever before on this subject. Thank you??

  7. This video was AWESOME! I have been struggling with understanding the concept of creating pivot tables & pivot charts since 2015. Thanks to your video, I tried it on a large set of data and I'm a self-proclaimed pro now LOL

  8. Thank you for your awesome video …. I want to become Andy and learn and understand more since I'm new to excel and struggling with it ….& Did I mention my boss is a report report report kind of person so looking forward to your other videos…. Wish me luck

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