Interval timer – 45 sec rounds / 15 sec rests (including links to 14 workout routines)



  1. Pushups
    Russian twists
    Leg raises
    Flutter kicks
    Scissor kicks
    Seated in and outs
    Side plank middle plank side plank
    Side crunches

  2. I do:
    squats with 5 lb weights
    standing ab bike
    leg + ab bike on ground
    leg raise
    curl ups/ sit ups
    push ups
    arm circles 45 sec going to the front and another 45 secs going back or just do going forward till you get halfway(22secs) then do back he rest of the time
    arm weight with 5lb weights 1 round on each arm
    then I repeat all of them about three times each

  3. High knee tap
    Russian twist
    Leg raises
    Hip raises
    Flutter kicks
    Plank knees to elbow
    Chair sit-ups
    Seated in and outs
    Jumping jacks

  4. hey time taker can a friend and i use your timer for sixpack videos we will definetely post your link in our descripition ! the other guys name is Michael Gsenger he is new on youtube so am i. If we are allowed to use your timer do i have to download the whole video? or can you send us 10 minutes with 45 sec and 15 sec rest ? thanks see you soon

  5. This is great thank you! I have a question though if I may, what did you think people would use this for?
    I use it for hiit cardio, but yeah I was wondering that!

  6. 3:52 and already exhausted from 33pushups and 32 ^xO ^O
    O = head X =arms ^ = knees. Dont know the name so i had to explain even if it isnt that well explained.
    Back to workouts though…..

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