Intermittent Fasting & Hunger – What the Science says



  1. Fasting is tough for the first couple days?? More like a couple weeks.

  2. Intermittent fasting is the most healthy thing I have ever done. When I’m fasting for just a little more than 18 hours I have created autophagy. I’m also saving a lot money. I mean I literally save like 500 bucks a month, I’m even more able to afford the most high-quality, nutrient dense food. I look and feel great!

  3. So say I do 16 hours of fasting every day, and only take in 1200 calories a day, that would be smart? I'm a woman, 5'6" and weigh 168 pounds.

  4. Thanks for addressing the hunger issue. Interesting how our hunger actually goes down eventually. I'll give fasting a try!

  5. I am not fond of food at all.I can even fast for 10 days without eating anything.I am also physically and mentally fit.Not fat at all.Thats why I don't gain weight. I don't like also sometimes rather I would prefer fasing only

  6. I stumbled upon the sugar videos first, then I came across this video. I had 'fasted' before, mostly when I overloaded on carbs and I felt uncomfortable. I never really did it often because I starved myself not fasted. I never really knew the difference, but after this I downloaded books on the subject and immediately got on a fast…and for the first time in ten years, I woke up in the morning alert, a bit lighter and this state maintained until my next meal when usually I get into a mind fog, five hours after I wake up and struggle to stay up in the afternoon. These kinds of instant results feel like a kind of miracle. Because there are so many dietary 'specialists' that preach their diets when the fine print tells us that the results they produce will never be permanent. Maintaining a diet will always be a
    struggle. I feel like this discovery will save my life.

  7. I have just finished a 24hr fast.Was no diff then the 16 or 18 hrs I have done.I lost 70 Lbs .I document my weigthloss journey to help others

  8. The brain can survive on Ketone bodies as a fuel source but that's during "starvation periods". It's not completely accurate to say/imply that ketones are the brain's primary fuel supply (which is Glucose). Otherwise, very interesting video.

  9. Beat your addiction to fructose by water fasting for a month, then IF and OMAD are easy.

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