1. Keep watching my upcoming videos for the rest of the year (Dec)! I got HEAPS OF GIVEAWAYS for you guys! EVERY VIDEO!!! Who's excited?!

  2. So I should eat my brownie after exercising? …should I eat it right after I get done with this exercise or wait a little?

  3. im going to do this workout everyday till 21st of june
    day1: im sweating like a pig, look like a tomato and feel like a smoker trying to breathe while running but i feel rejuvinated almost

  4. Chloe: 10 min workout
    Me, had a big lunch and out of shape: 15 min workout

  5. guys sorry if this so weird and annoying. can i ask? i did this 1 and 1/2 since i experienced headaches after (i really wanna finish this with 2 reps. is it because of a lot of jumping? after i stopped, i feel like vomiting. i started 1 and 1/2 hours after i ate my dinner

  6. I'll do this every day for a week, once i reach to 5 likes. We can do this guys!
    Like for motivation 🙂 A like = 1 day of me doing this
    Day 1 –
    Day 2 –
    Day 3 –
    Day 4 –
    Day 5 –
    And guys.. It's just 10 minutes of your day. You can do it with me too!!😀
    And next month I'm also gonna start the 1000 calories workout by Roberta's Gym. Wish me luck for that,👍 I will be updating results for that too

  7. This is my go to workout, It's really intense, that's what I like about it, one of my faves of all time I have to say (:

  8. this one was really good most of ur workouts are good omg and I have to tell u that they really help me and I like it that u don’t repeat the thins but make different things like not something twice I really like that

  9. I Burn 170 calories and feel so great?! I am so proud I could finish this 10 Minutes HIIT workout 💕

    I am so glad you include the low impact version.. Even mostly I do the low impact one I still burn that much calories!! 😭

    I love you!💕

  10. I did this but l feel that the name of the video is unhealthy for an eating disorder warrior. I used to exercise to “deserve my food” and I was so wrong

  11. Is it just me who can’t even reach 100 calories with this workout? :/ I think it’s a bit misunderstanding cause I exercise with a Fitbit and even if my intensity is high 100 calories is the maximum I can reach… I know that there are differences with the height and weight but still…

  12. I am sweating but I did it! The first 5 minutes are hard but after 6 min i am feeling full of energy! I just ate too much candies even they are 40% less sugary i felt guilty so i needed to get those 200 calories out and its awesome, I will do it always when I am cheating

  13. (: Hey guys I know everyone else quits while doing updates but I WON'T !! UPDATES+RESULTS HERE I am doing this for a week to see how much it works 🙂
    Day1: COMPLETE! Omg this is hard…. but fsr it felt super good and motivating. I finished. I would stop at 5sec because I needed a 15sec break, but that's all.
    Day2: COMPLETE! I did it twice today. I took about a 30 minute break between each though. I also drank green tea about 20 minutes before! You can do it guys!
    Day3: COMPLETE! I only did it once lol…. wish me luck next time!!
    Day4: COMPLETE! I only got to 90% bc my foot hurt and I had a sharp pain in my stomach fsr. Also I know this comment says I didn't write it 4 days ago and thats because I did the workout TWICE before writing these updates. I'm not cheating. Anyway I'll be back tomorrow.
    Day5: COMPLETE! Omg so tired.
    Day6: COMPLETE! Last day tomorrow.
    Day7: COMPLETE! Last day so I guess this is it. I don't think I've lost weight but it makes me feel more energized and confident…. but still not my cup of tea.

  14. Ive started a cleaning up of lifestyle april, and from april 1st to today (april 10th) I lost 4 pounds using this video, chloe's 30 day leg video, her booty workout (the 21-25 min one) and blogilates arm isolation. Tyy xx

  15. 200 Calories burned in 10 mins… 10,000 Calories consumed in a 30 minute mukbang. You do the math.

  16. Is the low impact version still as effective as high impact? If not then how much less effective is it? Just wondering cause I can't make it through the whole high intensity version yet lol

  17. i’m a beginner (literally just starting to workout for the first time. plus dieting) and i’m super out of shape so will it still work if i can only do like 15ish seconds of workout. and i need like a 30 min rest… i’m definitely pushing myself to my limit but i feel like i’m not doing anything. please someone answer 🙂

  18. I need to take a break every 5 minutes but after all workout i feel like a fucking winner

  19. sweating right now!! i honestly would do this every single day!! i almost feel the calories i burned!

  20. That was insane… But amazing!!!! Feeling so good after doing this…. But can I do this every day for weight loss??? With other abs exercises?

  21. I love that you include low impact versions! My mom has a really bad knee so we usually can’t to workouts together but we can with yours!!

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