Inside look at Coast Guard boot camp in Cape May



  1. Wow these drill instructors are at least more intimidating than the Army navy and air force lol

  2. The coast guard is too underrated but the boot camp is made to be harder than the navy’s, and the marine corp’s. Also they arena better navy the navy just stands there doing nothing sucking each others dick but the coast guard is a rescue branch

  3. Kilo-171 here. Not difficult at all (seriously). My father's backpacking is another story…..still fun though. Semper Paratus

  4. I want to thank all active or veteran military people for their service . My grandpa, dad and brother all served and i would like to as well. So i would like to say thank you .

  5. Its clear that the weather out at sea and near coastlines have effected the Cape May's training. Weather must be a strong opponent if their training goes to this extent and that only a 1/5 of the people graduate Cape May that are capable of doing this.

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