1. doesnt look like roids, its really achievable, but its gonna take 3 months for most of the people, cause they have to work 9 to 5

  2. No way there was steroids involved. Seriously I believe you can achieve this naturally. Y’all are just pussies and can’t do it

  3. Саламалейкум Виталий из Казахстана ✋? твоё видео по трансформации ? правда Я не знаю английского языка но в общих чертах уловил)) тоже начал заниматься в зале подскажи как желательно питаться чтоб убрать живот бока где-то килограмм 10?? Заранее благодарю!

  4. I honestly don't understand why people want to take steroids because all they're doing is harming your body

  5. The other guy didn't even gain much. He just got a little biceps and shoulder, chest almost the same. But as far as gaining weight it wasn't much.

  6. dude is unbelievable that 24k more or less people put thumb down, your videos is about motivation, so it should have at least 1000% thumb up 😛

  7. Vitaly have before good frame check his biceps chest etc,he lost fat,if u work hard u can do a lot in 2 monts u lazy fuks,who just complain and cry about steroid.

  8. At least there are no retards here trying to defend that its possible to do this in 60 days without steroids.
    Faith in humanity a little restored

  9. Fucking lazy jealous people blaming steroids. You fat fucks get off that chair and go work out and see for your selves.

  10. nice roids, your penis was already dead back in that porn video tho…. ha

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