If You Eat An Avocado A Day For A month This Is What Happens To Your Body



  1. Thank u batura ways. I must say "laughing myself crazy" that some of these comments r smart, VERY Funny and some r still learning. Be respectful to each other. I don't want to take ur phone away for a week. Still laughing myself silly!!!! Blessings To ALL!

  2. I started eating avocado week ago and now it became a habit. Basically I started all kids of fruits daily basis. Life feels good. And quitting smoking and alcohol is big improvement one can make ❤️

  3. Please tell me how get the avacado seed in Pakistan I want seeds or a little plant of these fruit

  4. I have eating a half large avocado every day, from several year by now. Avocado does not do any wonders if you do not eat healthy . It is all about diet, please do not deceive people.

  5. Hold~ on!. I've been eating the thing for 2 months. And now l look and sound like a SASSY MERMAID! What the heck went wrong?. Either that or lve been routinely Rohipnoled by a sly KIPPER with revenge on it's mind!.

  6. Informative video and too those who don't like the taste just mix with other foods and sauces or look for recipes on here..the health benefits out weigh taste delight

  7. Those thin skinned green ones are gross, the black skinned ones have good flavor.

  8. Reach in nutrients! Perfect!! That's just what I'm looking for in my foods. Gotta have that nutrient reach 😉

  9. Wow!! Did not know this is a super food. Will be eating one a day from now on. Thanks for the info

  10. Is this only for Americans or are they good for the rest of the world too?
    As I don't qualify I won't be subscribing!

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