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  1. To watch the 2nd half of the movie for FREE, go to

    I hope you love watching our movie as much as we loved making it. Ido Portal is a very special person and we are honoured to be trusted to communicate his message to the world. Peace to you and much love! JUST MOVE 🙂 – Brian.

  2. Damn Ido is courageous to say what he thinks of critics and haters. And how I like him for that because it´s the truth. 20 years to understand that he doesn´t understand. Wow he´s been digging deep.

  3. ohhh wow I wrote that comment before reading the synopsis…this is amazaing thank you so much, with love and respect J.

  4. London Real & Brian, I want to just say thank you so much..your content is always so soulful & inspiring. As a young man that started in an environment that was surrounded by both physical & mental poverty watching your content, I know now that it does not dictate where I have to stay or end. With a heart full of peace, joy, and love I say thank you all your effort and thoughts. The lives, you touch is much more than views. I say that since your content has clearly touched mines(From the Mantak Cha and so many more) Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  5. I'm curious of idos thoughts on judisim or religion in general. He's Israeli and comes from a religious region. I'm curious if any of that has been added to his washing machine ha. I've heard him speak of mankind coming about through evolution and coming from the ocean. If anyone has a link or information I would appreciate it. Also big thanks to Ido for sharing the knowledge he has gain in his pursuit of movement.

  6. Thank you so much for putting in the effort to make these videos.
    You and Ido are transforming lives. Mine and all around the world.

  7. Pity about the biased religious nonsense Brian?? That is NOT the oldest place on Earth?? Whatever maan! Great movement video though, thanks for that x

  8. I saw a man maybe a month ago just hanging on the bar in the bus between two stops in Bratislava, and looking at this, I swear it might have been Brian. He was hanging right next to me and for a moment I wanted to hang next to him – what stopped me? Fear. Fear of rejection, of making fool of myself. In that second, I let fear contol me and discarded amazing story that will never unfold. Because I succumbed to fear in that very moment.

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