I Tried The "Military" Diet For A Week



  1. Hey everyone, I just want to clear things up that I did not know this was a pro-ana diet, as many of the people recommending this had gone through it to fit in a dress in a few days or look good for a vacation. I should have researched a little more. This was not meant to trigger anyone!

  2. No hate here at all ….first time watching and I love u ur so funny but I'm really annoyed I didnt get to see the before and after. Still subscribing. Just annoyed lol

  3. Idk why people call this diet strict lol. I liked the weird combinations and I still eat peanut butter toast with cooked tuna, it became one of my favorite breakfasts lol. And any diet that lets me eat beef hotdogs & ice cream is easy… plus it’s only THREE days. There’s nothing disciplined about it

  4. If you are doing this for fun then you’ll mind about the meal plan but if you really know what u Want you’ll just enjoy ❤️

  5. What I think is that If you are soo fat you really don’t care 🤷🏻‍♀️ about there Militarily Diet meals all you want is to try it out and lose ❤️

  6. Dont start with drama. Di it. For you health. You not going to die. I guaraní . Think about some people only eat once a day.

  7. Everybody who is doing this diet have you guys gain the weight back and if you gained weight back was it worth it

  8. Fucking aggravating americans who love the sound of their own screeching voices…. and preparing food with long hair flapping all over the food. Disgusting

  9. The thing about the military diet is its meant for soldiers who need to lose a few pounds to make weight. In the Army, you're only allowed to weight a certain max and if go over that, even by 1lb, you have to get taped even if you max the physical test. Some people arent built the same and that 1lb can cause them to fail weight, meaning no promotions or schools to advance their careers. I'm actually about to start it today since I just recovered from surgery and i have to take a test in 2 months.

  10. lmfao this is the most enjoyable hilarious vlog of your diet thanks for sharing your experience i can watch this over and over btw i tried this diet b4 watching this video and i sympathize lol u were a trooper though cuss it was hard great job girl!

  11. Well at the end of the 3 days I only lost 5lbs which isn’t bad but I know it’s definitely all water weight. 😭 I’m going to stick with eating roughly 1500 calories for the next 4 days and hopefully I will lose another 3 lbs of water weight and 2lbs of fat. Overall I actually found the diet easy to stick to and the ice cream at the end definitely helped so much! I found that the diet was so strict I just did it because I was like “oh crap I HAVE to eat this certain food”. So it’s a thumbs up from me👍 😃

  12. Since I have started out this specific “Yamzοkο Weebly” dietary regimen (Google it) I have lost 17 pounds.It’s magic to get a possible final result out of this. I liked just how swift this diet plan worked well! There is really a big difference how my favorite shirt will fit right now when compared Six days before. .

  13. Day 1 done and dusted. By dinner time I was very hungry and after my meal I had a cup of hot chocolate which filled my tummy. I know I shouldn't have but I did 😊 let's see how day 2 goes.

  14. ❗️Please don’t try this diet I have done this twice once in July and August since doing my August one lots of my hair has fallen out and I would get extremely dizzy the days following it’s not worth it and I gained it back plus more

  15. I dont get dieating. If you feel you are overweight, it may make you feel better but food is soo important and I think it just makes you feel happy so why cut that out

  16. Girl i did that diet for a month and ur gonna complain about doing it for three days. It was a dare i was told i couldnt do it and i did it. And i lost like 30 maybe 40 pounds. And i think ill stick to it

  17. I just finished three days and for some reason had absolutely no issues with the food amount and had more energy the last day than I did the first. Isn't funny how everyone's body acts so differently? Going to see what my body does, will be looking at some heathier-choice alternatives for the three day and will be going at it again next week. Dropped 7 lbs, I'm 49. We shall see.

  18. wtff i recommend this i lost like 3-4 pounds i didnt crave anything after i actually lost some of my appetite which helped me because i used to eat so much and this really helped me to lose some weight

  19. Maybe OK I said maybe the reason why they call it a military diet is so she the people while serving the military they think the enemy has a hamburger or fries in there backpack and they have to kill to get it . ha-ha , just saying.

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