I Found The Pills Black Chyna Used To Lose Weight| Phentermine Weight Loss Update| 30lbs Down



  1. Phentermine does work but not for long if it’s not the right phentermine. The RIGHT one is the blue and clear capsule with the blue and white beads. It’s basically amphetemine.

  2. Thanks for the video!!! I was engaged the entire time and it wasn't too long! I thoroughly appreciate the information you provided. Did your acid reflux/ GERD symptoms last long?

  3. If you notice most top influencers keep their arms in shot or at least have their hands moving around a lot in shot. They do that because it keeps the Watcher engaged I like you but I'm not as visually engaged as I usually am when people are using their arms just telling you because I want you to grow as fast as possible. ??

  4. you will lose the weight, it will mess with your heart like crazy. i did take them

  5. Oh I hope this is not the same stuff we used back in the day. You have to get a doctor to prescribe them to you. They work but they will mess your heart up years down the line. It’s not worth it if it’s the same stuff.

  6. I’ve been on Phen on and off for YEARS! My doctor gives me 37mg and I will lose about 25 lbs a month HOWEVER, the SIDE AFFECTS ARE CRAZY!! The DRY MOUTH IS HORRIBLE!!! Do NOT EVER TAKE THEM BEYOND 11am OR YOU WILL NOTTTTTT SLEEP AT NIGHT!!! Also the very FIRST DAY you take them….. YOU WILL BE HORNY AS FUCK!!!!???? you will drive to your mans JOB AND TAKE THE ???? plus the time before last hat I took them, they gave me headaches and come to find out it was raising my blood pressure SEVERELY! Like my normal no is 120/80 but it went as high as 179/110!!!! So please be careful lady’s, yes it works but the side effects are crazy! Oh and I GUARANTEE once you stop taking them your appetite will be OFF THE CHARTS!??

  7. Hey I’m between 150-140lb. My weight goes up and down every 2 weeks. But I’m 5”2. Would I be allowed to go on this? Or do I have to be 170+

  8. This medication is horrible for your heart. If you are already 35 to 40 pounds overweight i would bet you already have cardiovascular problems… doubling down on that heart attack risk.

  9. There are some really bad side-effects to this pill so be careful or simply put in the hard work and effort from someone who was actually used it before..ijs

  10. I used this RX on and off for many years…very addictive & the effects are INCREDIBLE he first 3-6 months…but then your body gets use to the medication and they stop fighting hunger…the pills still speed up the metabolism, but hunger returns, and with a vengeance!!! Sooo…IF you haven't learned good/healthy eating habits, the pounds come back and they bring their friends!!!

  11. I've went from 154-128 in 3mos
    Reason for being overweight was having babies back to back

  12. Hey, I am going to make a video on phentermine, but I would like to add you on my page because you are the first person who introduced me to it. I want to know if that was okay with you?

  13. Have you tried Maca Root for your menstrual cramps? I take it and my cramps disappear for my ENTIRE cycle. Perhaps it will help some.

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