I did Beyonce's INSANE Coachella starvation diet and lost 4lbs in 3 DAYS



  1. Hi Keltie

    Just started watching your channel, have to say.. completely hooked.
    I know you did vegan diet for a while, what did you find being your favorite kind of meals? I am vegan.. its easier as I was vegetarian and then found out I have severe allergies to dairy so..yah…
    I exercise a lot, every day.. but I must say its really nice to see a youtuber be like… yah here is the bloat, we all get it.. it's fucking human.

    Love your energy, love your sense of humor, keep it up girl!! <3

  2. Girl you deserve a break! you should do 30 days of Yoga With Adriene (here on YouTube) and find what feels good 🙂

  3. I have a question, was it 1500-2000kcal a day or extra a day. Like did you had to burn that much with resting and your entire day, or did you have to exercise to burn 1500-2000kcal

  4. This entire experience was your body making a transition from glucose to ketones. That’s why you’ve lost so much weight 💪🏽 ketosis can be ruff

  5. So.. how old is this lady.. because she looks like she is 35 years old.. but kinda acts like a 15 year old..

  6. oh my god i just realized you live in toronto bc of underground!!! i love underground (im a dancer lol) love you!!

  7. watches the video with a bud light in a wine glass wow i can't believe how insane this diet was!

  8. To be clear… I know Beyonce's diet sounds crazy, but is just a high fat, high protein vegan diet. Not that crazy at all. Everyone who doesn't know anything about healthy eating would be shook

  9. Girl, Pizza Pizza for bomb vegan pizza. That pizza was a joke! Or Apiecalipse on Bloor 💚

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