I did 100 squats everyday and this is what happened…



  1. You can't get a nice ass in 30 days. You need to do 100 squats every 3 days (So your body can heal properly) for about 6 months to make any real progress.

    Blogilates is an idiot who uses positivity to make it seem like she's making big life changes. In reality, you have to put in TIME and WORK.

  2. IT DOES WORK! I saw results within two days so don't give up, I promise it is worth it! To get the most out of your squats, here are some things I found that helped me get the most out of my squats:
    1. I was doing other toning exercises for about a week before trying to do one hundred squats a day and I would highly recommend splitting the set up into two so doing fifty at a time. It's easier and helps with ensuring you are squatting in proper form.
    2. I would also recommend (if you aren't feeling the burn) to hold your squat or pulse. I found that if I didn't hold my squat, I wouldn't feel my gluts being worked.
    3. If you aren't feeling it in your butt, try slowing it down. Personally for me, if I do squats fast, I don't feel anything, but if I take my time and really focus on perfecting each squat, that made all the difference.
    It's challenging but I know you can do it!

  3. She needs to give her legs rest so she would need to do squats every 3 days and go up in weight with good form


  5. i have big butt like really big and i dont want to have it because i am 12 and i go to school so when i get up for lesson boys look at my butt i dont like it!

  6. if i worked this hard for my butt and actually ended up losing inches, id have killed myself. Thank you for this video, very honest and helpful <3

  7. I joined in too! I did ten of every one, I would like to try this out as well for 1 week and see how everything goes

  8. I hate my body cuz I do workouts I’m on a diet I get a little skinny and then the next day I’m fat. It depends on what my body wants to do it’s not going to help😭😭😭😭.

  9. When the squat only works for one leg, how many of them you should do? 100 with one leg and 100 with the other, or 50/50? Wth, someone help me please lmao

  10. I'm doing an extreme 30 day squat challenge, I'm aiming to being able to do 250 squats with weight at the end of the challenge, I began having noodle legs after only 40 squats and now I'm doing 120 without getting tired, 250 is doable I think, and after that I intend to keep doing more and more, I have genetics like yours, my body refuses to gain weight, but it's gonna have to, I'm going to push it to the limit

  11. Just finished day 16. This plus 100 days ab challenge and the glute isolation videos by blogilates are helping in shaping my body little by little 😀 I also didn't work out a lot before so maybe that's why there's noticeable change 😮

  12. i remember doing 50/100/150 squats at my school because I didn't bring a map. Class ended and I never did.

  13. First of all, you should start out small. 100 squats is too much for the beginner. Second, if you don't have a rest day and squat everyday, your muscles don't have time to grow and you just break them down. So this video/experiment is not valid.

  14. I love your message, even if there are no visible results there were mentally results! And that you were so happy with your body, I hope many young kids watch your videos! 🙂

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