Hugh Jackman's WOLVERINE WORKOUT Kicked. My. Ass.



  1. Well done on the transformation…very impressive!!!!now you just gotta work on SOME of your forms and you'll be Y O K E D

  2. My question is this: how is someone with a full time job (without breaks) supposed to maintain the timing requirements, i.e. meals? I'm a cook, working 7-3. My entire shift is one long rush, so stopping every two hours is not an option. I am pushing all day, so the energy and strength needed is not there. I see these body transformations a lot, and it seems the people who accomplish this have all the time in the world. What about the average person who has responsibilities in and out of the workplace?

  3. The biggest motivation for me would be the large amount of food I get to eat. I thought this kind of workout regimen would be something like 6 hours in the gym, then a few handfuls of dry, plain oatmeal.

  4. It’s called TRT dbol winstrol clen ……
    P.e.d’s . Work out all you want with out en you won’t get that body

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