HOW TO WORRY LESS | Easy Steps To Not Stress Out | Alex Costa



  1. As you said worry less but when we know everything about exam we had learnt everything but still we have fear that in examination hall we will forget that answer then what will happen so what to do and I also get bored in 1 hour so some tips to study more hours and to forget that fear please ….

  2. "The worst that could happen is I could die.. and that's not good" Words of wisdom have been spoken by Mr.Costa right here lads

  3. I think the real question is How to worry less without actually damaging things cause worrying gets shit done

  4. how to get easy and deep sleep with less worry and high alert sences when lay down. any supplement , diet and life routine suggest?

    some people can get insomnia with slightly sound from environment !

  5. Alex, really good shout on the savings. I've always been a huge believer of having money set aside. I've never owned a credit card or an over draught. If you need to borrow money, borrow it from yourself.

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