How To Warm Up Properly Before Freestyle Football/Soccer Dynamic Stretching Exercises/Drills[Hindi]



  1. Bahot badiya bhiya log
    Keep Going ……..
    we are here for supporting you all
    Plz if u can then make videos on 5 basic need of football
    1. Passing.
    2. Receiving.
    3. Dribbling.
    4. Heading.
    5. Kicking.
    thanq very much
    Singh Freestylers

  2. SinghFreestylers, Bohut bohut shukriya . Yeh jaise videos , professional freestylers bhi nahi bolte aur vo bhi itne detail mein. Editing aur graphics bhi top notch hai , yeh channel bahut aagey jayega

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