How To Use CREATINE To Build Muscle: Loading, Timing & Hair Loss? (Science Explained)



  1. Hope you guys find this video helpful! I had a lot of fun creating this one. As usual, you will find additional resources including a list of categorized scientific references in the description and my recommended creatine products. Enjoy!

  2. I was good until you mentioned I could go bald if my family has a history of going bald. Bruh we're all bald in my family

  3. 9 participants in a study? That number of example is not big enough to measure a result.

  4. When taking the 25g a day can I take it all at once or do I need to split it threw out the day?

  5. Saturation makes no sense. How can you saturate with a dose designed to only maintain. I assume 5g a day is what you lose on average per day

  6. Excellent video. Very informative. I've always been afraid of pre workouts and supplement powders because of my lack of understanding. But I'm definitely on board now. And fuck hair loss. Confidence trumps baldness everytime. Jacked + bald > fat/out of shape + hair

  7. I love your videos Jeff! wish you'd be back in Egypt and we'd meet up sometime! great as always!

  8. I’m 14 and i just took 30 grams with 80gram proteine shake didnt leave toilet for 2 hours and my hair falling out

  9. Between ON P.W.O ( contain creatine ) and Dymatize P.W.O ( do not contain creatine ).
    Which one should I choose and why ?

  10. Wicked fucking awesome video, clear and thorough and easy to follow. All claims were backed up, this video answered every question I had about taking creatine and has helped me a lot. Thank you.

  11. so first the 20 gr then 5 gr?? but how about the water that you keep when you take creatine, do you still see it after goging for 20 gr to 5gr

  12. Dude, the editing, research, and overall effort put into this video is phenomenal. This is the standard that all YouTube creators should be held to. This is Nerd City levels of impressive. Well done!

  13. first, I really like ur channel. I wanna learn if it is really safe to use creatine / whey / multivitamins (like animal pak) together ? could not find any info about it. It would be great to see you do a video about it. which supplements can be used, best times for use, dosage for beginners, intermediate and pro lifters.

  14. 2 weeks since I've taken creatine 5g a day, suddenly I don't feel much fatigue in my muscles every rep, I always go from light to heavy every set. The recovery of muscle is just amazing.

  15. Hi I just started taking creatine, I take it about 1hr after with protein shake. Is that ok? Or should I just take it with grape juice straight after workout?

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