How To Take Your Calisthenics To The Next Level | Full Bodyweight Workout Guide Beginner To Advanced



  1. I can do 40 pushups, 25dips and at least 50 bodyweight squats but I can do barely 3 pull ups, so am I intermediate in other stuff but beginner in pull ups 😂

  2. I'm 179cm and I weigh 62kg (I'm young as well, 14 years old). I'm tall but very lean, though I have quite long legs. But I can do a tucked planche for around 8-15s. Is there even a possibility for me to get a planche in a year or is that a definite no? I know you probably don't have an exact answer for that, but I'd like your opinion on it. (I'm male as well)

  3. BROWNEY in want one of your Bottles pls! I have so much problems with drinking enough water! I want this bottle😞

  4. Don't want to be picky but the fact that you pronounce hypERtrophy like HYpertrophy mildly stresses me out

  5. I think I have a talent in static skills 😀 I'm 183cm,77 kg and I learnt the full front lever in a month 😀 I'm also able to hold the advanced tuck planche for 30 second and some seconds of straddle

  6. The dope bottle is completely sold out forever what noooooooooooo

  7. Oh didn't notice I was actually in the intermediate level. Always just called myself a very progressed beginner

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