How To Sprint Faster Freestyle



  1. I'm gonna be completely honest, I'm shit at swimming in general really. My 50 free is 34.44, and my 100 is 1:22.68. However this was my first year swimming and my 50 started out at 45 and my 100 and 1:50, so I've made decent progress but I'm still slower than a rock so I'm trying to learn more about the technicalities of the form

  2. What do you mean by " rest up between 5 days and two weeks" ? Do you mean not training at all or just some relax swimming and stretching?

  3. This was awesome! I tried my 50m free and It got lower from 31 to 30 sec! I breathed once 4 strokes and kicked 8kicks every 2 stroke and it was so worth it! Finally in the 30's!!

  4. I’m 15 and I’m a 24.5 and a 23.4 off a relay start. My reaction time is really bad and so is my breath count. I started swimming like a year ago so hopefully I get faster this upcoming season

  5. I am excellent in flips and dives but I am a poor kicker and have troubled pulls. Any tips for an out of water workout? Free time 32

  6. How often should I breath in the 100m freestyle? I thought about every 4 strokes

  7. When I was 13 I went a 23.9 now that I'm 14 im gonna try to get 22.9 lol

  8. I swim 35.44 for 50 free and I'm 12. I feel like I can do 33-34 in my next meet, but I need at least 29 seconds (preferably less) by the end of next year. Is this possible? Also, what are your arms supposed to do in your dive? Thanks

  9. Hi there. My actual coach is saying we should lift our head up a little bit almost til our eyebrows are in line with the water surface?…Is this useful for sprinting 25 o 50 mtrs? I 've always heard lifting one's head up makes the legs sink…. Thanks!

  10. ive been going to the pool for 3 weeks now I'm in good shape but I feel like I'm efficient or have very good form

  11. I have a swimming gala on 30 of September 2015. I'm afraid that I can't perform well because I can't even swim a whole pool (50m)
    pls help

  12. Does anyone have advice on how not to feel anxious. I feel if i am anxious im slower, but if im provoked or something, i get fast

  13. i am working on it, thanks for the wonderful tips, I dnt dive but will do 50m sprint under 40sec, now will slash even further….

  14. This really helped!!! My 50 free went from a 23 to a 21 after i got much better ankle flexibility and stretched my hammies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRY IT

  15. Thanks for the tips. What are good exercises to do in the Gym? I work myself as hard as I can in the pool but tbh we don't have enough sessions or consistent coaching so I need every bit of help I can get. Swimming a 26.18 for 50m free and 59.05 for 100 meter free.

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